“Tell Me What You Saw” Drops 1st Trailer

OCN dropped the 1st trailer for Jang Hyuk’s new drama! Previously named “Call It Like You See It,” the Network and News outlets are now using the title “Tell Me What You Saw.” I personally like both, but “Tell Me What You Saw” rolls off the tongue better in English, sounds cool in Korean, and conveys a greater sense of urgency and intensity.

I can picture Jang Hyuk’s character shouting it, and shaking up a suspect, or even the Detective with the Photographic Memory. “Arrhh! You need to tell me what you saw!”

We don’t see the actors yet. (Boo!) In a rather sexy voice-over, Jang Hyuk reads the caption, “The only way to uncover the truth.” He then says, “Memory can be distorted, but only the truth is seen at the scene (of the crime).”

“Tell Me What You Saw” is created by Kim Hong-san from “Voice.” The production went through a few directorial changes and the new series Director is Kim Sang-Hoon.

There’s no official air date yet, but expect it in the first half of 2020.

*Airdate: February 1st, 2020.

8 responses to ““Tell Me What You Saw” Drops 1st Trailer

  1. @LadyG, the original director was Lee Joon-hyeong and Kim Hong-san was the creator. On 27 Nov, they announced that director Lee is stepping down due to personal reasons and will be replaced by Kim Sang-hoon. Kim Hong-san remains as the creator. You may read the news below:

    • Thank you so much for the correct info. For some reason, my computer isn’t translating too many pages so I couldn’t find it. I’ll fix my post. 🙂

  2. The director is Kim Sang-hoon, not Kim Hong-sun

    • Thank you! I’ll fix it.

    • This is strange. I got three different director’s names from Different sources. lol. Lee Joon-Hyeong in 2 different places, Kim Hong-Sun was named from the beginning and Soompi still has him listed as the PD. I don’t even see Kim Sang-Hoon’s name tied to this. I’m not doubting you I just want to confirm it because it has me confused.

  3. WAIT! I’M NOT READY YET!!!! I’m still digesting My Country and I’m seriously thinking about rewatching it (at least Hyuky’s scenes anyway).

    JH is doing me like a great lover in the ’70’s who I can’t keep up with. Like I’m ready to bask in the glow but he’s ready to go again and I just want to roll over and go to sleep for a while.

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