Jang Hyuk Support Account Open Again!

Hello friends, I’m here to ask if anyone wants to contribute in support event again!

If you want to see how last Fated to Love You support event went, you can search for “support event” in this blog 🙂

Now Jang Hyuk gallery has started accepting contributions again.

First, they are trying to send a coffee truck to MBC one-act drama “Old Goodbye” filming site (starring JH and JNR 🙂 ) Since one-act drama will have very short filming schedule, we might or might not be able to schedule this event. If everything works out, we will send a coffee truck, and it will be a very rushed event so if you want to contribute in treating warm coffee to Jang Hyuk, Jang Na Ra and staff members, please do send in payment asap!! (asap as in a couple of days, it’s that rushed) If we fail to schedule a coffee truck, money collected will be spent for Jang Hyuk’s birthday gifts, which is our next support event.

So yes, our second support event will be JH’s birthday gifts, as his birthday is slowly but surely approaching (It’s December 20th). JH gallery has traditionally been giving him clay dolls of characters he acted, and making that clay doll would take time, that’s why they are starting to prepare from now 🙂

So, if you want to contribute, please send your payment to gumi132223@gmail.com through Paypal. Again, the rule is only send if you really want to and send whatever amount you want 🙂 Thank you.


2 responses to “Jang Hyuk Support Account Open Again!

  1. I want to be ur fan ur film change my life for good can i know you more?

  2. hi.. I d like to participate.. But how can I send if I don’t have a paypal account… Tnx

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