Continuing Jang Hyuk Drawing Project

I tried two more drawings and now I really want a tablet or something…doing this with a mouse is so hard…!

Sad looking Jang Hyuk and Bloody Daegil

16_완성_140405 17_채색완

8 responses to “Continuing Jang Hyuk Drawing Project

  1. aAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW!THAT IS VERY COOL!oh first one is more like to cha seong kwon!no?aaaaaaaw Dae Gil is very great!you are great Gumi,thank you(i share it in my web with your name)

  2. I love your Bloody Daegil! I actually like all your Daegil drawings! You made me miss Daegil so badly but it hurts to re-watch Chuno.

    • Same here! This reminded me of Daegil and whenever that happens I feel like doing nothing but watch Chuno! but I can’t right now! So I revisit kfangurl and kdramadreamer reviews to calm myself down a bit

  3. Wow. Bloody Dae Gil is spot on! Color me impressed! What WILL you churn out if you had a tablet? ;D

  4. Bloody Daegil is just so perfect. That expression is totally him.

  5. bloody Dae Gil makes me so sad. 😦 Is that an effect you added later? But it’s an excellent drawing. So is the first one! Getting better and better.

  6. Omg lee dae gil!!! Gumi, give me half your talent please.

  7. Great work Gumi. I love your Daegil! Wow! It is much easier with the tablet, but it does take some getting used to. Keep up the great work!

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