Into the Sunlight favorite kiss – Video and gifs

One of my favorite on screen kisses is the one between Myung-Ha (Jang Hyuk) and Soo Bin (Kim Ha-Neul) in the series Into the Sunlight. She is a depressed lonely illegitimate  rich girl, he is a rebellious, neglected poor boy. They connect! They fall in love for the first time.


They escape and hide in a motel oooohhh. You can tell it is their first time falling in love (and maybe kissing, and maybe making love…I mean, I’m not sure if they are trying to suggest whether they went all the way or not, they left that part to our imaginations…It’s k-drama after all) They are shaking and everything.


That makes this kiss look so desired, needed, romantic, sexy and real. And yeah! lips touch and we get to see some of that! Something rare and welcomed in korean drama 😉


22 responses to “Into the Sunlight favorite kiss – Video and gifs

  1. His face looks pretty banged up.

  2. I keep reading this is a slow show, but I loved Into the Sunlight from the moment it started and it is one of the only kdramas I have watched more than once. It even had a solid end. Right out of the box, Jang Hyuk, sulking, fist fighting, smoking, motor cycle riding is enough to keep my eyes glued to the screen. Best line when he says to the the rat punk slime gangster “If you ever make my mother cry again, I’ll kill you”.

    • I loved it too! I didn’t mind the slow pace. I loved him, his relationship with his mother and later with his brother played by Cha Tae Hyun 🙂 Thanks for your comment and nice to meet you. Welcome to the blog

  3. Awww! Yes, that’s him a little older with a baby top knot. hahaha. I got the point of that scene, because he had just came out from the gangster’s den after defending his mother when they called her old and ugly. Then you see his mom crying in her room holding this picture. And then they close up on JH’s adult face. Uh oh…now you got me thinking…cuz Cha Tae Hyun’s character doesn’t have a mom and…ooh, don’t tell me they are brothers?? LOL.

  4. I screen captured it and shared it on the Chuno Face Book Group.

  5. Okay, I’m finally watching this drama and it’s good. I wish I can share this, but in episode 3 I noticed a scene where his mother is holding his baby pictures and it’s really Jang Hyuk! You can definitely tell it’s him by his eyes and mouth and he’s the chubbiest little chub ever! Sooo cute!

    • Oh and I’m glad you are enjoying ITS. I liked it to even if I got irritated with the looooong stares at times 😋 I particularly felt for our “bad boy” and his difficult relationship with his mother. And wasn’t he beautiful? I enjoyed his chemistry with Kim Ha-Neul. Since you seem tolerant of the slow pace of old kdrama, I definitely recommend Daemang to you.

      • He’s so beautiful, but that hair…hahaha. This drama is older than I thought from 1999. I can watch these slower dramas at a leisurely pace, I don’t feel the need to marathon them or anything. This one moves along okay, with 4 depressed people finding love from the opposite side of the tracks. Kim Ha Nuel looks so much better with a natural look, vs. all the dark make-up she tries to wear at this point. lol

  6. Usually he’s the voracious one kissing, but she’s completely taking the lead here. LOL! I honestly don’t blame her.

    • She did! well, their kissing was very in character too. She was a wild girl, he was a bad boy, but very shy. The way his hands trembled was what did it for me. He acted exactly like someone in love for the first time, nervous, not knowing exactly what to do. My mom was impressed and commented on that, on how real this scene felt. I’ll answer you about where to find this on the Daemang post 😉

  7. Beautiful. It’s rare to see strong kisses like that in the early dramas. I think JH is one of the best ‘kissers’ I’ve seen. He puts a lot of passion into it. Him and Hyun Bin.
    I love Kim Ha-Neul. Is there anywhere I can see this drama? I’ll have to look later. I know it’s not on gooddrama or dramafever.

  8. This is such a sweet, tender scene. Love it!

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