SoGC Rice donation activity – How to contribute



Hi: We are planning to send rice (instead of flowers) to the Shine or Go Crazy Press Conference, which should take place, if they follow tradition, one week before the premiere, currently slated for January 19th

The point of this is that the rice can later be donated to people in need. So it’s a nice gesture because we support our actor Jang Hyuk and at the same time we help out a little.

If  you want to contribute, please send your payment to through Paypal. Again, the rule is only send if you really want to and send whatever amount you want 🙂 Thank you.

This is what the Dreame looks like. Please help us think of a nice high resolution image and message to use. You can write your suggestions in the comments below.

Here is some more information about this project :

The Dreame is a rice wreath for cheer for singer and actor in musicals, concerts, showcases, fan meeting, drama press conference, birthday parties, weddings and celebrations that appeared on.

The Dreame wreath will do cheer for the singer and actor on event. Singer and actor will specify poor neighbors,the Dreame will donate rice to poor neighbors by the name of singer and actor after they appeared on event.

The Dreame is cheering for the singer and actor and is a gift to help farmers and poor neighbors.


4 responses to “SoGC Rice donation activity – How to contribute

  1. oh. is too late to donate?..i just saw this post.. really sorry….
    how about next times for the coffee car/van ??

  2. what date for the press conference ??

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