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Fated to love you – Ep 16 – Thoughts and discussion

Open for us to comment.

I still have to watch.

The cliffhanger though! Buckets of tears 😦

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Fated to love you – Ep 14 – Thoughts and discussion

I took long to open the post. Sorry guys! Busy day at work

I will only comment briefly about this episode because we’ll have a whole week to speculate.

It’s strange, because I liked many moments in this episode but I felt it slow overall

What I liked:

The first scene. The tears in Geon’s and Mi Young’s eyes. I felt the chemistry of our OTP strongly in this scene.

Their SMS conversations. I especially loved the one where they were in bed. It was sweet and sad, both thinking of Dog poopie. That is a bond between them that no one can break.

Yong , little dragon, is so cute! The fire and ice war with his brother was the WTH moment of the episode!

Secretary Tak is adorable. Geon hiding under the desk so he wouldn’t catch him lying! SUPER ADORABLE!

I love Omma’s scenes. All of them. Always.

The questions to ponder until ep15:

Will Mi Young accept Daniel’s proposal? Will Geon interrupt or leave? If he leaves, will he step aside thinking Mi Young will be happier with Daniel or will he try to win her back and how?

Fated to love you – Ep12 – Thoughts and discussion

I still haven’t watched the episode but I can’t wait! I just watched it! At first I was dreading it because we all knew it was going to be a sad one. I was still hoping the drama didn’t use the turning point of the original

However, I’ve read so many good comments. According to many, the acting was superb. Especially by our Jangs. This is no surprise to me but still, nice to hear.

Also, the much dreaded tropes, noble idiocy now, were amazingly justified, from what I could gather. I still don’t know what my personal impression of the episode will be but it sounds so good.

Yes, the episode was good. It was emotional but not overdone. I enjoyed the performances and as I expected today Jang Nara shone and succeeded in making my wail at the office. Thank you girl! now the “I have allergies” excuse does not work anymore. I can’t even begin to describe my cries at any scene where Dog Poopies was mentioned. I’m on the verge of crying just writing this.

Jang Hyuk obviously also had emotional moments, and my favorite was when Mi Young gave him the Geonni cup. But anyway, its no surprise. I love whatever he does.

This episode was well directed, it was moving, I loved it, but I’m glad this part of the story is over. At the end of the episode we saw a stunningly beautiful and shekshy snail, showing leg woohoo! And a gorgeous Geon with short hair, but I will not lie here, I will miss Mimi. I fear Mimi departed with the laugh and the wackiness! But I want to believe, it will all be back somehow

Still, an event so tragic is bound to affect both our Snail and her Geon in a profound way. Plus, there is still his illness. Daniel, who by the way, was very reasonable and useful on this episode, is now an important person in Mi Young’s life.  Where did Se Ra go? I hope far far away, but I’m sure that wish won’t be granted. Again at the end of the episode I’m left with the question, what now?









I’m copying two posts by Gumi from Soompi. She translated a couple of dialogues that I find to be heart-wrenching but in keeping with this adaption trend, still mature and beautiful. They are about the dreaded “noble idiocy” and Mi Young’s strength/reaction. I cried just by reading this.


I saw some great insight from DC gall+added my own organization/opinion about why LG decided to let MY go. (contains content of Ep12)

Yes, Gun has family history of men living short lives, but that probably never hit him as reality. They had genetic disease, yes, but he was getting checked up frequently, and also his father didn’t pass away from the disease. If his father didn’t have the disease, then he is safe. It’s human nature to want to believe that you don’t have a fatal disease.

But now things are different. He passed out and lost his memory, which ‘could’ be a sign of disease. What’s more, Dr.Octopus tells Gun that his father also had the similar symptoms before…that he had amnesia, around Gun’s age. Now the fear is real.

And here comes a crucial scene showing LG’s feelings. Gun goes to his parents ashes, and talks to them about how he wants to hold onto this woman, but can’t. And he says to his mom “Cuz you know, right?” This shows that Gun doesn’t want to make MY like his own mother. His mother crying, suffering, always showing her back to her own son because she didn’t want to show his tears…Could be because LG’s father had memory losses, maybe frequent…? Could that be why he had mistresses and stuff? Possible. Anyways, Gun def saw his mom suffering, and didn’t want to make MY like his mom.

And to he talks to his father for the first time in forever, and says “How did it feel then? After regaining your memory, were you afraid that you will lose it again? Just like me? I have a woman whom I love and want to stay with, but I’m afraid I will lose her. I can’t stay with her.”

So not only he is afraid that he might die on her, but he is also afraid of forgetting about MY again, and MY having to go through that, seeing him forgetting her right by his side. He already experienced once, how he could hurt MY, how MY got hurt by staying by his side when he doesn’t remember her.

Yes, MY is pregnant and being a divorced single mother won’t be easy on her. But he still thinks leaving is better than staying with him, on the assumption that he has disease (which is a very understandable fear in his situation). It’s not a disease that can be cured, and it’s a disease that can cause him to lose himself, lose memories about her, and thus make her painful just by staying his side and watching that.


Jeez I can’t go to bed. Jeez. Again, contains Ep12 content, if you don’t want to know details about it don’t read further.

I loved how LG and MY had their breakups. It wasn’t angry shoutings, it wasn’t sad crying, it wasn’t done in the extreme emotions. They had that excruciating painful moments after Dog Poopie’s loss, but that’s was not how they decided to break up. They, both of them as mature adults, talked to each other about it (no matter how much misunderstanding there is, they still talked) and decided and said proper good bye. I loved it.
And their last good bye was….it was so….so good. Macau again. They were being respectful to each other and were wishing each other good luck. Jeez I loved their conversation I just need to jot it down here
LG: No matter where you go what you do…I wish your happiness.
MY: I doubt there will be any more dose of happiness left for me. Every happiness I ever dreamt of, I used it all up. Things I couldn’t even imagine for in my life, they all came true after meeting you, Gun. Bad things became good things, a person who loves me became my family.
LG: Don’t look at the path you already passed, just look at what lies ahead of you. (with a very warm voice)
MY: Of course. It’s not like we will see each other again. (Macauuuuuuuuuuuuuu ;( )
       Thank you for everything.
LG: (nods)
MY walks away, and LG calls her from back
LG: Kim MiYoung-ssi! Being too nice is not that good! Don’t be timid, always with confidence! You know. Super glue. Haha.
MY: (smiles with teary eyes)
Macauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!! omg i literally was sobbing there…..cuz it brought back so much memory (and yes I do feel like I knew this couple for a year or so) and they were…they were so Gun and MiYoung. They were these warm amazing people, and that didn’t change even in this situation when they had to have this break up. It was so beautifully done.

3rd POST

I’m crying now……….can I post one more dialogue?

the one i posted up was good-bye before the accident, and this is their actual real good-bye after the accident.

LG: When did you come?
MY: Not long ago.
LG: Have a seat.
How are you feeling…Are you…okay…?
MY: Yes. Why did you lie? You could’ve just said you regained your memories.
Was I that much of a burden to you…?
LG: I thought that’d be more…liberating, for you. The end is decided anyway, and there’s no need to get extra hurtful.
MY: Let me ask one last stupid question.
LG: Yes.
MY: If I say…let’s forget this all and start over, what would you say?
It was a short time but…like you used to…can’t you stay by my side.
LG: I am…sorry. Does that…make an answer?
MY: Yes. It surely does.
LG: What’s this…?
MY: Divorce document. If I knew this was going to happen, I should’ve signed this when you wanted so desperately.
LG: I hurt you a lot..It’s my fault.
MY: No…It’s no one’s fault. We just didn’t know that this relationship was wrong to begin with.
This scene was soooooooooo painful, yet I appreciated it…How no one was screaming or crying, but were just painfully digesting the situation. And how they don’t blame each other. and I LOVED how MY asked one last time, can I be with you. Clearly shows the depth of emotions they had, how MY fully understood she was loved and she loved him. But yes (very understandable) noble idiocy comes in and Gun pushes her away and MY is clearly hurt. The show managed to make Gun not a douchebag, but still get MY very hurt, but still make MY not resentful. Being hurt and being resentful are two different things and that’s what I exactly wanted, cuz it doesn’t ruin MY’s character the show has developed so far. Her expressions seemed so calm and cold but she was still our MiYoung. And the warmth of Gun’s voice throughout assures us it is still our Gun.

I’m excited for next week, how the show will present us with new Gun and new MY with totally new styles, but somehow still show us that they are still our old familiar Gun and MiYoung.






Fated to love you – Ep11 – Thoughts and discussion

I know ep11 will be controversial. We are in mid drama and this is where the story turns darker. I’d say 99.9% of the viewers were protesting against the amnesia. I don’t feel like analyzing much today. All I know is, this episode worked for me. It touched me. I’ll leave you the space to analyze, spazz, figure out its meaning etc etc etc

Some quick thoughts

1.- The beginning and the end sequence, was beautifully done. The OST, the direction and yes, I’m going to fangirl some cause, our Jang Hyuk was so so so beautiful in this scene. I felt Geon so deeply. All his feelings.

2.- Jang Nara continues to be great as Mi Young. Mi Young the character, showed her subtle but steady strength. She seems passive but she did not miss any opportunity to try to remind Geon of her. Her understated performance, always moves me.

3.- The humor is still there, not as wacky, not as strong, but it is still there. The drama has not lost its identity, in my opinion.

4.- Se Ra did more or less what I anticipated. I still feel the character is justified from her point of view, but I felt her selfishness once again. I actually expected her to want to know more about the circumstances that drove Geon to marry Mi Young. Geon couldn’t inform her since he didn’t remember, but she could’ve tried to investigate a little, with Secretary Tak maybe. But I get the impression that she just wanted to bury the situation. It’s like she really can’t see beyond herself? She got offended because Geon attended pre-natal classes? She can’t perceive the importance the child has for Geon? Even if she thinks Mi Young is a gold digger, she thinks separating her from her child is something that can be easily done? No empathy for Mi Young? Too many things that bugged me about her today. Her conflict is limited to her, her world, her needs, her pains, but ultimately, her. That makes her a tad less interesting than I expected.

5.- Daniel, with his anti- Geon comments, irritates me. The man is sick, and you still badmouth him? You still nag Mi Young with  the “This guy is always making you cry!” mantra? He at least did something good when he visited Geon to push him to remember. I guess he is somehow torn between his genuine concern for Mi Young’s happiness and his desire to be her man.

6.- I have high hopes for Yong

7.- Is secretary Tak kind of hot?

8.- Love the one sided bromance from Tak to Geon. I want Geon to get with the program and be nicer to him :p