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Gaekju – God of Commerce – Teaser 1

Here is the first teaser for upcoming sageuk “Gaekju” aka “God of commerce (aka The Innkeeper, The Inn, The peddler). The drama will start on September 23rd on KBS. 

Thanks to Zoi 

This first teaser presents some important characters played by solid actors with great experience in the historical genre, including Lee Duk Hwa (Midas, Salaryman, Giant) It has a strong traditional sageuk feel (not surprising given the PDs reputation in this genre) and it already reveals attention to detail and an honest attempt at keeping historical accuracy. 

We can also tell that “money” and how it affects people will be the central theme of the drama. 

It does not feel like this will be a flashy full of spectacle or heroic actions drama. It looks like it will tell the story of everyday “normal” characters. Following teasers will probably reveal more on the main characters

These are some pics uploaded on the official KBS site and Jang Hyuk’s instagram

Jang Hyuk posted this image on his IG and titled it Bong Sam (his character) Tal (korean mask) comparing his expression to the famous smiling (and wrinkly ;)) mask. Sho cute!