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People Inside Ep 381 – An interview with Jang Hyuk – Video, photos and excerpts

Jang Hyuk appeared on the show People Inside on Tvn. Thanks to Cheryl for bringing the link to the videos. There are 8 clips so I will only post one (where you can see a rare and adorable image of Jang Hyuk’s older son) and the rest you can watch by clicking on this link: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=CLmTYKt9LC6Ug

Gumi translated some parts of this interview, one of the most in depth and interesting we have seen lately (and we’ve seen a lot!) See the excerpts below the images.

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Real Man Ep 16 – Jang Hyuk’s EPIC fail – Video, photos and gifs

There is nothing sexier than a confident man right? But at the same time, is there something funnier than a super confident man, suddenly tasting the flavor of “defeat”? That is exactly what happened to Jang Hyuk on episode 16 of The Real Man (Real Men). Are we bad fans for laughing? I hope not 😀

Ah, and there was also more celebrating and dancing during this episode.

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