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Thank You – Waxing poetic about Young Shin with the help of Jang Hyuk

ThankYou_04_01_Title_1_00048 ThankYou_04_01_Title_1_00049

Yup! I love her and Jang Hyuk, the actor, also loves her, according to these quotes that I found in old interviews. Jang Hyuk himself will help me tell you why I love Young Shin so much! And pardon our rambling (both Jang Hyuk and I are ramblers, so please bear with us :D)

I like the character of Min Ki Seo, but my favorite role in the drama is Young Shin, acted by Gong Hyo-Jin. Though Min Kiseo gave me a feeling of starting anew, I think the feeling of starting anew is more matched with Young Shin’s personality. Young Shin is a person who believes in hope. She shows her toughness when facing life. She cherished all of her possessions without any unrealistic aspirations. She lived genuinely. As for Min Ki Seo, I saw it just as an actor. This drama let you feel hopeful and Young Shin’s personality brought people hope. Thus, Young Shin’s role was more impressive to me. If I were a woman, I would certainly choose to act Young Sin”. – Jang Hyuk

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