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Hillarious Shin Ramyun Black commercial with Jang Hyuk and Yoon Sang Hyun – Videos and photos

This is too funny! and since there are two versions (that I’ve seen so far) I decided they deserve their own post 😉

Here, Jang Hyuk and Yoon Sang Hyun seem to be so happy about the black ramen that they are singing to it 😀

And in this one, he has a Ddolbock hat by his side and he is yelling Damaaaahhhhh (The original scene was heartbreaking, this commercial might just’ve ruined that moment forever though lol!)






More info on http://blog.nongshim.com/m/post/view/id/1162

Jang Hyuk is busy! New show, new TV Ad, possible new movie AND a book


Seriously! Gumi and I can’t keep up with him! Between Real Man , photoshoots, interviews, appearances on TV, commercials, he is making us work work work! But that actually makes us happy 🙂

Update to add: He also wrote a book! 😀

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