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The Flu (S. Korea): Movie Review

The Flu, I think, can be compared to the best disaster movies I’ve seen. Sure, its small scale in terms of location since it only covers a city with a half a million population, but because of the area’s proximity to the the capital city of Seoul, the sense of urgency automatically magnifies ten-fold.


Jang Hyuk visits Cheong Gye Cheon and makes me swoon – Video with Eng subs


Ok, I’ve been missing Jang Hyuk. August 2013 was historic for any Jang Hyuk fan, with this man appearing on some magazine, newspaper and/or TV show, every single day. So now (at least Gumi and I) are on withdrawal. Craving craving Hyukie! So when I saw this video I screamed Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! and I may be loving it more than it deserves! I can’t tell! I’m not objective.

WARNING: Anyone who is used to or thinks of Jang Hyuk as a “beast man” and does not want that image destroyed! Do not watch this video. The Jang Hyuk in this video is the epitome of class and loveliness *swoons”. Lucky for me I like all of the Jang Hyuks (the beast, the dork, the hot, the sweet, the pretty, all of them, ALL!!!) Anyway, enough fangirl ramblings!

OFFICIAL DESCRIPTION OF THE VIDEO: Jang Hyuk, a famous Korean actor, visits Cheong Gye Cheon in Seoul and talks about his feelings about the creek situated in the middle of the city. Visit Cheong Gye Cheon in Seoul where your favorite star likes to spend time to relax and contemplate!


Yes dear Hyukie! You sold this to me 🙂

In the words of Tina Fey : I WANT TO GO TO THERE! Yeah, Jang Hyuk has convinced me that, this spot in Seoul is the loveliest of them all! Specially when he went *sigh* at minute 2:32 and I went *sigh*, along! I will do captures and gifs when I get a chance. In the meantime, thunk, drool, swoon and whenever you come back to life again…comment below 🙂 Enjoy!

[TRUNQ]Jang Hyuk’s One Mile Travel -Finding healthy taste!

Hyukie filmed a travel show in Korea last year, and photos and videos are being released now. It’s named “One Mile Travel” because he went to Kyunggi, which is very close to Seoul. In fact, he was in the middle of filming a movie at this point, so couldn’t really afford to go any farther I guess. Looks like he enjoyed himself!

smells goooood

I wanna have eel too

This place, Bangujeong, is famous for its eel. As an actor famous for his actions and strength, Jang Hyuk always takes care of his body and stamina. His body is not his own! Eel is supposed to be very good for your stamina, so it’s a perfect menu for him.

Jang Hyuk is known for his crave for good food, but not for eating a lot. But he wanted to taste both the sauced eel and salted eel. After long tormenting consideration, he ended up ordering both.

Aww look at our happy boyyy

After his debut, Jang Hyuk’s been to countless filming locations, and got introduced to various local tastes. He says enjoying local specialties is the biggest merit of traveling.

And here’s a tip from Jang Hyuk! ‘Remember to take a business card from a good restaurant~’

He claims to have hundreds of business cards of good restaurants. He says he always revisits those restaurants that are unforgettable. As he gets out, he remembered to take a business card of this place as well. Seems like he will revisit soon with his loved ones.

god I love seeing him eat!!! He eats so…so…deliciously and happily…!! And he still has his pout!! adorable!!