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Fated to love you – Section TV interview – translation by Gumi


JNR said she was sad but also excited. She was excited about how she will maintain and develop relationship with the people she met thru the drama.

CJH said they had the best atmosphere on the filming site ever.

JH did his Gunnie laugh for everyone.

JNR said staffs and Jang Hyuk sunbaenim all treated her so well, so preciously, just as if they were treating MiYoung.

Q: How do you grade your chemistry with Jang Hyuk out of 100?
JNR: 10,000!

Q: If there’s an offer to work with JNR again?
JH: Oh, sold!

My character was very hyper and up in the air, and Jang Nara made it shine. Without Jang Nara’s realistic acting my character wouldn’t have worked.

Oh and our dear Mr.Park of hamohamo duo…he revealed his top secret. He was supposed to come out only until Ep5….but due to his popularity ended up surviving till Ep20 lol.

Mr. Tak said his thank you to Jang Hyuk for taking care of him.

CJH chose the scene where Daniel turns his car around to send MY off to Gunnie as the most memorable scene.

JNR said “Bed scene?” and laughed. They showed various bed scenes and caption said “Too many be scenes, not sure which one she is referring to…”

JH chose the scene in Jeju island where LG and MY have conversation about fate. How fate is nothing special, it is just loving the person in front of you, etc.