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SNL Korea Parody : I’m Sorry I love you (or any korean drama)

This is Gumi’s favorite skit. It is titled “I’m sorry, I love you” but it is unrelated to So Ji Sub’s classic korean drama. However, it does seem to be a parody of korean dramas in general.


A jobless guy played by Jang Hyuk is on a date with his girlfriend. While eating, he learns that his girlfriend’s parents are asking her to date a doctor. He realizes she is not good for her so pulls all sort of stunts to force her to dump him. But every once in a while, he can’t hide his true emotions and turns around to cry miserably, much to the horror of the other costumers. The girl refuses to leave him, proving that her love is unbeatable! Except when he falls and hurts his back (and we assume other things) She decides, he is not good for her anymore 😀 (cold hearted woman)



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