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SNL Parody Chuno or the Do you wanna see food? skit

SUMMARY: This is a parody of the heartbreaking and (yeah, kinda gross) scene from Chuno, in which Daegil cries while eating, imagining he is having a meal with his “dead” friends.

This skit was as funny as it was disgusting and that is why I didn’t want to make too many captures or gifs of it. I believe Jang Hyuk’s expression on the gif below tells it all! (he has some nerve though! it’s not like he hasn’t done more than one scene like this before. I remember one in Tazza where he stuffed his mouth with sushi rolls and cried. He looked like he was going to choke lol) The skit features idol Jay Park, who is also Jang Hyuk’s friend and who made appearances in the skits that we will be posting next.


SNL Korea Opening – Jang Hyuk confronts a ghost from his TJ past

SUMMARY: Jang Hyuk said he wasn’t going to be like other hosts who use SNL to promote their current projects, and then immediately started coughing 😀 Then, he said that in 17 years of career he has been acting non-stop and he has only been an actor, just an actor, but a ghost from his past came to remind him, that he once tried to be a rapper. That’s right! TJ himself showed up and forced Jang Hyuk to face his “dark” past lol!



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SNL Korea Parody – Iris 2 – Video and photos

In this SNL skit, we see the filming of an action scene with Jang Hyuk. This skit portrays Jang Hyuk as an action actor, who gives a lot of input during action scenes, almost directs them (not far from reality) and acts as a mentor to new actors. This time, the rookie, gets so “into it” that his “improvisation” becomes painful for the main actor lol! Jang Hyuk is very patient, but not a saint, so by the end we see him screaming “Why doesn’t he die already?!!!” or something along those lines 😀

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