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Real Men love their Bingo – Ep 31

There were many priceless moments in episode 31, the guys were finally on a moving ship, able to relax, singing, looking at the sunset, bonding, but my favorite moment of this episode was definitely “Girl Group Bingo”. The guys went totally nuts! Seeing “serious” Jang Hyuk screaming, getting red, losing his voice over…Bingo, was just too cute and hilarious. This definitely needs to be seen in video.

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Click to see Hyungsik also getting startled



Real Men fight fire and some broken pipes – Ep 30

In episode 30 the Real Men crew learn some fire fighting skills. They also faced the challenge of sealing broken pipes in an emergency situation. This was a nerve-wracking and hilarious loooong scene, where I laughed and felt sorry for Jang Hyuk at the same time. The poor guy kept getting mercilessly slapped by water. He was unlucky enough to be paired up with Son Jin Young who is, as we know, inclined to “fail” lol.

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Real Men join the Navy – Eps 28 and 29

The Real Men crew joined he Navy on episode 28. It has been a lot of fun, although the first part of the training was tough, very strict and our guys were serious most of the time. They had to march even on the hallways and every little mistake was punished. The slideshow below includes mostly Jang Hyuk though. I had to summarize things a little so I had to focus on him (the subject of this blog) During eps 28 and 29 we saw our Jang Hyuk charmingly fail at swimming and singing.

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Real Men – Ep 24 – Military police training – The Get Smart episode

I won’t be able to recap every episode of Real Men since I’ve fallen behind, but I’ll do my best to at least show you highlights of my favorite moments.

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On ep 24, we see our guys training at the Military Police Unit (I’ve googled but I have not been able to identify what the equivalent would be in the U.S Military world, not that I know much about that either. I’m sure our korean friends will be able to guide us) Anyway, the most important thing is, we see our guys dressed in nice swoon inducing uniforms and even in suits (a la James Bond) *swoooooonssss* And we get to see Jang Hyuk doing some gloriously badass martial arts moves but we also see his “humanity” once again when we find out, the man can’t tell left from right lol! Yup! Jang Hyuk could very well play a new SUPER HOT and ADORKABLE version of Maxwell Smart (from the series and movie Get Smart)

VIDEO: Jang Hyuk, Real Man in action


jh_rm_wink rm_jh_crosseyes_short rm_jh_suhpatsjhandhs rm_jh_leftandright

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Real Men 20, 21 and 22 – Child private steals the show

Hi: I’m so behind with this show. Trying to catch up! Anyway, here are my highlights from eps 20, 21 and 22, during which this young man, nicknamed “child private” stole the show.

진짜 사나이 - 전출 신고 때 수색왕으로 뽑힌 장혁!, #18 20130908 - YouTube_00003

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The sweet moment when Jang Hyuk gives his “days off pass” to the child private.

Hyungsik the "worried mom"

Hyungsik the “worried mom”

Jang Hyuk pretends to fall, teasing the child private

Jang Hyuk pretends to fall, teasing the child private

TJ on Real Men

TJ on Real Men

He sings with passion. Be glad this doesn't have sound

He sings with passion. Be glad this doesn’t have sound

Ryu Soo Young and Jang Hyuk

The passionate and tone deaf soldiers

Jang Hyuk shares his icre cream with Hyungsik

Jang Hyuk shares his icre cream with Hyungsik