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Naver Star Column: Jang Hyuk Part 1. Jeong Yong Joon, and passionate Jang Hyuk

There are countless Jang Hyuk interviews all pouring out these days, that it is almost impossible to keep up with all of them. I think it’ll be around 50 pages if you add up all his interviews these days… I’m enjoying reading every single one of them, but sorry I do not have time to translate all of them 😛 But I decided to do this one, just because I felt like it, lol. So here’s translation of Jang Hyuk’s column in Naver Star Column, posted August 21, and the original version can be found in http://m.news.naver.com/read.nhn?mode=LSD&sid1=001&oid=420&aid=0000000477

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