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Thank You: Favorite moments with Mr Lee – Spoilers



Mr Lee, played by Shin Goo, is one of the most beloved characters in Thank You. Quite an accomplishment in a drama that is full of adorable people. The sweet old man suffered Alzheimer’s and he became like a “son” to his granddaughter Young Shin and a little brother to his great granddaughter Bom. During his brief moments of ‘awareness’  he’d run away from home to liberate Young Shin from the “burden” of taking care of him. He didn’t realize the positive influence  his simple wisdom had on Young Shin and Bom’s life as well as Dr Min’s, Suk Hyun and everyone who came in contact with him.

Here are some of my favorite moments with Mr Lee (After you read mine, please share your favorite “Mr Lee moments” in the comments).

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