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Jang Hyuk on Knee Drop Guru- Best moments

Jang Hyuk was the main guest on episode 35 of the variety show Knee Drop Guru. The show was full of fun moments and interesting new info about our favorite actor 🙂

Here are the videos and below we describe some of the best moments (thanks to Gumi).

Knee Drop Guru ep 35 part 1 by rhdtk07

Knee Drop Guru ep 35 part 2 by rhdtk07

  • At the beginning of the show, host Kang Ho Don carried Jang Hyuk and he seemed light as a feather 🙂 Hey girls! I think we could kidnap him easily :p
  • The hosts asked him about having a son before marriage, something that is frowned upon in Korea. He answered that it was deliberate. His parents and his agency were not in favor of his sudden marriage at first. He and his wife wanted to get married as soon as possible after he got out of the army and they wanted to have a child soon, because she was already in her mid 30’s and as we all know, the more a woman waits, the more dangerous it can be. So they went on a trip and conceived their first son. Then conceived a child without “consent” or at least with some resistance from his parents. But when their son was born “everything settled on cue” as Jang Hyuk says. His parents were super excited with the baby, pushing each other, fighting over, who the baby looks like 😉 After his first son Jae Heon was born, he finished his drama Robbers and married his wife. So Jang Hyuk says that having a son before marriage was not a mistake but it was the perfect order for him.

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COSMOPOLITAN – Interview with Jang Hyuk – Excerpts and photos

Check this link for a collection of gifs from the BTS of this photo shoot

Gumi translated some excerpts from the Jang Hyuk interview featured on the August issue of Cosmopolitan, Korea. Thank you Gumi!

During this interview, Jang Hyuk talked about acting, “The Flu”, his goals, his family, life. etc

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