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We got Liebstered! Thank you friends!

An award given to new bloggers by their fellow bloggers

Yup! I made my own version of the Award. It is a bit ugly but it is mine 🙂

Here is our reaction when we received our first Liebster from DramaNoona!


Except we are prettier than these guys. Ok, at least prettier than Seo Kyung-Seok (Gumi chimes in: and definitely not prettier than Jang Hyuk!)

And here is what we did when we received our second Liebster from DDee!

Sooro's "Point Dance" was popular in Korea in 2006

They look serious, but it’s a happy dance!

Yes dear friends, we didnt receive just 1 award, we got 2! It is a great honor coming from these lovely ladies whose blogs we visit frequently and love.

DramaNoona is, as her nickname suggests, a fan of Noona romances, happy endings and she is also writing a story based on dramas, entitled “Heart Murmurs”!

DDee, from the Obsessive Compulsive Drama Watching Disorder Who doesn’t love DDee? only those who haven’t met her right? Visit her blog. You will find yourself loling even about posts  covering dramas and people you don’t know! She is that hilarious!

Gracias amigas! Gomawo!

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