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Westwood Fan signing event 12/18/2014 – Gumi was there!+Gumi’s story

Gumi and I have been really busy with work and studies lately, so we haven’t blogged much. Sorry friends! I’ll try to post more often. I have so many ideas and our love for Hyuk is as strong as ever! but life, you know?

In order to start “buying” your forgiveness :p here are brand new pics of Hyukie at a Fan signing event that happened just a few hours ago! Our Gumi was there and Hyukie smiled at her! I’m not sure if she still remembers why lolol but I hope she can answer my question soon, when she recovers 🙂

Let’s start with the pics of Hyukie smiling at Gumi! Ah these two! I ship them 😀 (but Hyuk is married with two kids, married with two kids, married with two kids)



What did you tell him Gumi?


He has a mischievous smile!

+Gumi’s answer:

Drama Fan forced me to write how I made him smile, right now at this moment, and the fact that it is 3am here did not stop her from forcing me. Not that I was gonna sleep anyways. Hyukie’s beauty is haunting me.

Anyways, what did I say to make him smile? Let me make this clear first, it was all meticulously designed deliberate plan on my side! (pat on my head) I was so determined to say something to him, preferably something amusing, and make sure I stare into his eyes, cuz that’s what I failed to do in summer 2013 autograph event. I wanted to make my getting autograph something slightly more than a brief encounter that lasts as long as he signs his name and writes a short message “Be happy!”, so I decided I will ask him to write me a customized message so that I’ll have more personalized encounter&be able to say something to him&stare at him for a longer while as he writes the longer message.

So when I was standing in line I was trying to come up with a message that could flatter and/or amuse him, and simulated myself saying it over and over so that I would actually be able to say it without freezing.

And it was my turn, I walked up, immediately squatted down, so that I’d be able to have a better stare at his face and eyes. This was a great decision, cuz when another fan was taking pics, I wasn’t blocking him, hence we got a great pic of him smiling…!

When he started signing his name, I asked, “Oppa, can I ask you to write me a message?” and he looked up and oh our eyes met jeez the beauty..when I looked into your eyes…i had no idea you’d be my wife…(feat. Jeff Bernat FTLY ost)

I said “Can you write, ‘Study for as long as the time you spend staring at my face, and get all A’s!'”

And he had that shy and amused smile, and of course it is our Hyukie, he would do what his fan asks him to do, but he hesitated for a sec before writing the sentence, and that shy hesitation was super adorable. And he started writing the message, but omitted ‘my’, and my wild guess is that he felt shy to write the phrase ‘staring at my face’. But I didn’t let him go, I caught him and said “Can you add ‘my’ right here oppa?” and he did lol.

And he stopped writing and went like alay…? with a puzzled look on his face. He didn’t get ‘all A’s’ part. So I drew A in the air with my finger and said A, as in grade. And he went like oh…! all A’s! and smiled. I assume that’s when those pics were taken. But might as well not be, cuz I don’t remember actually seeing his face (again, duh, Gumi, when will you ever remember seeing his face…?!?), so those smiles might as well have been from different moment. But the important thing is that he smiled at me *swoooon* -End of Gumi’s Story

This is is face when he received the precious clay dolls his fans gave him for his birthday.



Here are some awesome close ups! Can you imagine seeing him this close and not fainting? I can’t!


He is looking at me! *faints*














He is very attentive to his fans and looks directly into their eyes *swoons*

A Message Book for Jang Hyuk has been Completed!

Remember we were collecting comments for Jang Hyuk?

DC Jang Hyuk Gallery fans made those and Korean fans’ messages into a message book! Big thanks to the fan who edited and made it into a book format. Also thanks to other fans who collected pictures to be used in the book, and those who helped me in translating English messages. And of course, big thanks to you who left a message to Jang Hyuk!

Thanks to everybody a beautiful message book has been created, and it will be delivered to Jang Hyuk today, September 27th, during the photo event. One of the fans will bring it to the event 🙂

Now, take a look at our finished product.

댓글북확대1 댓글북확대2 댓글북확대3 댓글북확대4 댓글북확대5

The last one with that landscape portrait is a poem one of the fans wrote, and if you read the first letter of each rows it becomes JH’s drama’s name.
…something like that, it’s really cool 😀

And here’s the printed out finished product.



Hopefully Jang Hyuk will be happy to receive it 🙂 Again thank you for all those who participated!

PS. On the last page where Gunnie in beige suit is holding coffee, there’s this blog’s name…! Stuck on Hyuk!

PS2. On the wide landscape portrait picture, you can find hidden Gunnies here and there

FTLY support event report + Jang Hyuk’s message to fans

I know it’s really late, I’m sorry! Hahaha…but yes here’s the report for August 11 DC Jang Hyuk Gallery FTLY support event. Yes, the event for which some of you contributed. Here are the photo reports, compiled by DC JH gallery Narara.

web_2016561691_19e8cbf5 web_2016561691_46bf9e6c web_2016561691_5bc20b27 web_2016561691_a02e59ec

These are the photos we took ourselves, well the photo quality isn’t very good cuz it was dark and we only had our cell phones to work with…

BUT! luckily there were some professional photographers on site and this is the beautiful picture they took990688359_ab827a82

which, I’m sure some of you may have already seen looong time ago, haha.

Well, here’s something that NONE of you guys would’ve seen before! Cuz I had it by myself all along and now I’m revealing it for the first time…!

Jang Hyuk’s video message to his fans!!

I apologize for the quality of the video, I was seeing the divine beauty standing in front of me and my hands….couldn’t control my hands…..also it was pretty noisy on the site, and Jang Hyuk speaks pretty softly…it was so hard to understand what he was saying in the video, I had to read his lips, lol. One of the staff members actually asked me to check if I could hear the sound well in the video, but I just said yes yes I can, cuz I didn’t want to bother Jang Hyuk again…he looked tired enough with the filming….

Anyways, I mean, still being able to see a video message is faaaaar better than none, right? Tell me so, so that I can feel like my courage to walk up to him and ask for it wasn’t in vain…!

I also specifically asked for a message to ‘international fans’, telling him that this time some international fans contributed in the support event as well. Although his message can apply to any fan who loves him. I mean, we are all one in that we all love him, haha.

So, enjoy. You can turn on the caption on youtube if you don’t see English subtitle. (and I am telling you, he was even more beautiful in person than in this video)

And here is an autograph for Stuck on Hyuk and Soompi…two places I asked for contribution for the event. Hey, I made him spell out those two…! He knows the existence now! (altho I can’t blame him even if he forgot, poor him, he was half zombie out of fatigue)


Ok, end of the report! If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to ask 🙂

[FTLY] Message to Jang Hyuk


Attention, Gunnie lovers!

DC Jang Hyuk gallery is collecting love letters for JH&Gunnie…no length requirement, but generally people are leaving short 1~5 sentences comments, showing appreciation to the actor who created this amazing character. They will put together the comments and deliver it to the actor.

I was just thinking that since I am feeling so much love for Gunnie here, some people might want their messages delivered too. I am at your service. I can translate the messages, we can put both Eng and Korean version of the messages in. But if there are too many messages, or if I don’t have enough time to translate all, I might have to cut off some messages…hope that wont happen.

Anyways, I will receive messages until Thursday, the last episode. Please leave your message as a comment on this post, thank you.

Stuck on Hyuk Celebrates One Year Anniversary!

Thanks, WordPress, for the reminder, that was a pleasant surprise.

Thank you, friends, for allowing us to share our insanity love and supporting us.

Thank you, Jang Hyuk, for always being beautiful, talented, adorable, hard working, and keeping busy! Hope you have another busy year ahead (we know you do).


Thank you Zhaoul for the beautiful banner 🙂

and for some precious moments from the past year…

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