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Shine or Go Crazy – Official MV and highlights

These videos have gotten me really excited!!!!!!! You guys NEED to watch them especially the highlights. I’ve watched it countless times and towards the end I always feel like clapping haha! 😀  I’m so ready to enjoy this series that seems to have some comedy, romance, action, adventure and mistery FUN!!!! It starts on Monday January 19th at 10 pm (Korea time)






Shine or Go Crazy – Press conference videos, excerpts and more pics

Hi: Gumi translated some excerpts from the Shine or Go Crazy press conference.


Lee Duk Hwa: I’ve filmed several projects with #JangHyuk, never seen him complain or frown. He has great energy. If he ever gets sick, that would mean everybody else already fell dead. Despite killer schedule, he never shows any complaints, that’s what I like the most

JH: I wanted to try acting royal. But I’m dressed like a beggar, not too different from my roles before. I felt tricked. (laughs)

LJH: I was so surprised when I first saw Jang Hyuk. He was so good looking, his jaw line and eyes…
JH: When I first saw #LimJuHwan, it was night but I thought it was day time, cuz his face was shining too much. Honey Lee: Would you guys please be sincere?

(In response to question pointing out his not so young age)JH: You know, there are so many sunbaenims, 40 is like a baby at our filming site.

JH: Shine or Go Crazy filming site is like Real Men filming site. Only men, everywhere. I put stars next to schedule when I film with OYS or LHN.

OYS: I touch him a lot, we are having fun filming.
JH: She touched me a lot, If it wasn’t a drama it would’ve been sexual harassment.

OYS: I was wondering if I should rest for a while after Jang Bori. …I heard Jang Hyuk was doing this, and thought, ‘oh I have to do this’.


Shine or Go Crazy – Official posters







Shine or Go Crazy – New stills, BTS and interview

New stills of Wang So cred. Jang Hyuk DC Gallery/MBC.

It seems our Goryeo prince will endure some harsh times, cause we often see stills of him dressed more as a common citizen than as a prince. I suppose it comes with the territory when you are a “cursed prince fated to bring blood to your country” awww. He looks gorgeous as a commoner, however (in fact, it is my favorite look so far)

Also, from what we can see in this video, the drama will definitely be infused with some comical action sequences, as it was mentioned before 🙂 but then again so was Chuno and TWDR.

Video from MBC/Thanks to Zoi





On the other hand, Honey Lee looks absolutely stunning as the princess who will eventually marry Wang So. She is definitely rocking the sageuk garments. I’m fangirling a little here! but I do have a weakness for Goryeo/Silla or whatever it is royal wardrobe. It’s the colors! the pretty colors!