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Review: Deep Rooted Tree 2011 (Kdrama)

I will forever reblog a good review of The Tree With Deep Roots

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Deep Rooted Tree, or aka Tree with Deep Roots is a television series based on the novel of the same title by Lee Jeong-myeong. It’s set in the Kingdom of Great Joseon during the reign of King Taejong (1367 –1422) and Sejong the Great (1397 – 1450, r. 1418–1450). The title of the drama “Deep Rooted Tree” took it’s name from a poem.  Or rather a song from the Songs of the Dragons Flying to Heaven (Yongbieocheonga).

A tree with deep roots,
Because the wind sways it not,
Blossoms Abundantly
And bears fruit.
The water from a deep spring,
Because a drought dries it not,
Becomes a stream
And flows to the sea.

It is the first work written in hangul (korean). And that takes us exactly to what this drama is all about. The creation of the korean alphabet.


Plot: At the heart and beginning…

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Short and spoiler free reviews – Part 1

Jang Hyuk is Ddolbok

Jang Hyuk shows his wide range as an actor in The Tree with Deep Roots

Hi: I decided to write these short reviews as a guide to anyone who is currently “discovering” Jang Hyuk. Of course, everyone’s taste is different but I hope this is helpful to someone. These are only highlights of feelings and impressions that stuck but for more detailed reviews I will need to re watch. In the meantime, here we go with the first group of series.

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