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Kim Sun-Ah talks about her friendship with Jang Hyuk


Awwww this is so cute! I had no idea Kim Sun-Ah (My Lovely Kim Sam Soon, City Hall) was a good friend of our Jang Hyuk. In a recent interview, promoting her movie “The Five” Kim Sun-Ah talked about their friendship

Here is the full interview in korean


“Jang Hyuk an I had our debut around the same time. He is my oldest best co-worker. He often offers me help and support”.

“We don’t talk or see each other that often, but do depend on each other. Jang Hyuk is also the only one who visited our ‘The Five’ filming site twice”.

“He is an old friend of mine and he is also close with Ma Dong-Suk. When we were filming ‘The Five’ in Bucheon, Jang Hyuk who was filming Iris 2 near, suddenly paid a visit. Not only me, but he also knew well, some of the staff members including the lighting director. He has worked with them in Volcano High, so he stopped by”.

“Jang Hyuk is just a natural born good person”.

Now I’d love to see them together in a drama or movie 😀