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Soo Ae says Jang Hyuk is the best partner

The original article can be seen in http://tvdaily.mk.co.kr/read.php3?aid=1376030088553526008. Translated by Gumi.


Actress Soo Ae says Jang Hyuk is the best partner she has worked with.

Soo Ae, who acted an infection specialist InHae in a movie The Flu, revealed her satisfaction with the collaboration with partner Jang Hyuk (who acted JiGoo).

In the beginning of the movie, JiGoo saves InHae in danger, starting their cute romance. After, they together fight against deadly virus spreading quickly. SooAe said “Filming ‘The Flu’, I exceptionally felt that we were doing it ‘together'”, describing how all the cast and crew worked in exact same mind.


She elaborated on Jang Hyuk, saying “He is amazing as an actor, but is even more as a person. There were some hard times for me. If he approached me as a fellow actor at those times, then I would’ve had to be formal with him as well, but he approached me as a nice ‘oppa’, so I felt comfortable around him. We tell each other, ‘We should meet again in a romantic comedy.’ I really want to try acting with him again.”

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The Flu Showcase in Busan – photos

The Flu cast and director attended The Flu Showcase, which took place today in Busan, Korea (this is Jang Hyuk’s hometown) From what I could translate, Jang Hyuk practice some Jeet Kun Do with fans and did some rapping or something that embarrassed Soo Ae lol! (It is also quite possible that I’m making this up)


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The Flu Premiere: Twitter Reviews Compilation


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So today, <The Flu> premiere took place, and here’s the compilation of twitter reviews. It is unbiased collection, contains both harsh criticisms and praises. Except for the first comment by Darcy Paquet, which was originally written in English, the comments were translated from Korean to English by myself. Continue reading

The Flu Premiere for press and critics – photos

Some change in The Flu release

1. <The Flu>’s release date has been finalized as August 14th.

It’s been going back and forth. They said August 14th, and then they said August 15th (that’s what they said in showcase, and they distributed stuffs with August 15 printed on it, and posters said August 15) but then today it has been finalized as August 14th.

2. <The Flu>’s distributor changed from “CJ E&M” to “I LOVE CINEMA”

According to news articles released today, this decision was made because CJ E&M is also a distributor of Snowpiercer, which was released two weeks before The Flu, and is becoming a big hit right now. The production company I LOVE CINEMA worried that CJ won’t be able to distribute The Flu well enough because of Snowpiercer, which seems like it’s still gonna be hot when The Flu gets released, so I LOVE CINEMA asked to become the distributor.

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