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Some change in The Flu release

1. <The Flu>’s release date has been finalized as August 14th.

It’s been going back and forth. They said August 14th, and then they said August 15th (that’s what they said in showcase, and they distributed stuffs with August 15 printed on it, and posters said August 15) but then today it has been finalized as August 14th.

2. <The Flu>’s distributor changed from “CJ E&M” to “I LOVE CINEMA”

According to news articles released today, this decision was made because CJ E&M is also a distributor of Snowpiercer, which was released two weeks before The Flu, and is becoming a big hit right now. The production company I LOVE CINEMA worried that CJ won’t be able to distribute The Flu well enough because of Snowpiercer, which seems like it’s still gonna be hot when The Flu gets released, so I LOVE CINEMA asked to become the distributor.

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Interview with “The Flu” cast: Everybody loves Soo Ae

Entertainment Weekly (Korea) interviewed the cast of “The Flu”. This is about an hour long show (you might be interested in the rest of the news too) but if you want to go straight to the interview it starts at minute 10:20. It has english subtitles.

The Flu will also be released in the US

I’m so excited I can’t even think straight! So according to CJ Entertainment english site, The Flu is going to be released in the US as well as Korea. OMG! Read below!

  • Scheduled to hit the theaters in North America as well as Korea this August, “The Flu” is the first ever South Korean disaster film about a lethal viral pandemic. It has been garnering much attention after being voted first place in “Most Anticipated Film” survey conducted by Nate for August with a whopping 47%”.

Here is a link to the site where you can find more photos and info :http://www.cj-entertainment.com/movies/130607-001/flu

Just the idea of watching Jang Hyuk on the big screen…I NEED TO FIND OUT WHERE AND WHEN THEY WILL BE PLAYING THIS! I.MUST.GO!

And there is also this new poster of our handsome Jang Hyuk in character


FLU new trailer&international teaser&new posters

Here’s new trailer we’ve been waiting for! Almost the same with the teaser previously released, but with some additional scenes. I especially like the close up to Jang Hyuk’s face with tears in his eyes.

Here’s official international teaser for non-Koreans. It’s a teaser shorter than the trailer, but you get to know what’s happening 🙂

And here are our two new posters. We finally get to see actors’ faces!



It seems like the movie has been finalized to be released on August 14th.

Don’t ever take the mask off! The Flu (2013)

original Korean article can be viewed at http://www.cine21.com/news/view/mag_id/73180 So finally news about Hyukie’s new movie, <The Flu>!

Our Hyukie is dirty

Our Hyukie is dirty

Director Kim Sung Soo, who had been on the top of Korean action films with <Beat> (1997), <There is No Sun> (1998), and <Warrior> (2001), and had a brief turn to romantic comedy with <Please Teach Me English> (2003), has finally come back to the filming site after 10 years. He reunited with Jang Hyuk, who has become much more mature since <Please Teach Me English>, and Soo Ae, who’s been choosing a film after <Athena>, has joined them. They started filming last May, and currently are working on CGs and stuffs, aiming to release the movie this summer. So the basic story plot is like this. There’s this new “flu” going around. It’s so contagious that 34 people per second can get infected, and so deadly that it can make you die in 36 hours. The flu breaks out in Bundang, and 42 thousand people get infected in a day. The government freaks out orders a shut down for the whole city. In-hae (Soo Ae), who’s a doctor, tries to get out of Bundang with her daughter Miru (Park Min-ha), but Miru has sneaked out from home. She meets Ji-goo(Jang Hyuk) and wanders around Bundang, which is quickly turning into a city of death.

At a supermarket, Ji-goo and In-hae panick after realizing the child has gone missing

At a supermarket, Ji-goo and In-hae panick after realizing the child has gone missing

Maaa Dongg Sukkkk

Maaa Dongg Sukkkk

There are some more details about the movie in the article, but I wouldn’t want to know too much before watching the movie… So yes, let’s just wait for it to come out, and hope it’s amazing!