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Voice Episode 2 Recap

The team is formed. Not everyone is happy to receive an invitation to join. Voice Episode 2 Recap “Chapter 2: Two Faced Healer” After a recap of episode 1 we begin episode 2 with Kang Kwon Joo (Lee Ha Na) telling police detective Moo Jin Hyuk (Jang Hyuk) that the kidnap victim is being held in […]


Beautiful Mind Episode 2 Recap

Young O can read your non-verbals, which could make him more in tune with others…not less. Beautiful Mind Episode 2 “One Bottle More” Recap Flashback… Dr. Hyun Suk Joo (Yoon Hyun Min) finds his patient Gye Jin Sung (Park So Dam) about to drink Soju on the eve of her surgery. He takes the bottle […]


Fated to love you Ep 2 – Thoughts and discussion

Ok, it’s impossible! I can’t stop myself an I’ve been screen capping every single moment of this episode. The purpose of these posts is to allow a SPOILER FREE AND COMPARISON FREE discussion area.

The second episode fleshed out our characters more, and it showed a more “human” side of Lee Geon. He became more attractive in my eyes. Mi Young showed strength, thus becoming more attractive as well, in my opinion.

A not so brief reminder of Ep2 events:

1.- THE LAMP– Need I say more?


2.- THE BED SCENE  (It was delightfully subtle and at the same time felt real and HOT and then FUNNY and then SWEET and also naughty teehee “We came together”)

FTLY_Ep2_00022 FTLY_Ep2_00023 FTLY_Ep2_00027 FTLY_Ep2_00028


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3.- SE RA DUMPS LEE GEON – I feel bad for him, but she somehow does not come off as a typical selfish second female lead. Her position is understandable (to me)

FTLY_Ep2_00052 FTLY_Ep2_00055

4.- “THE FACT THAT YOU’VE BEEN ABANDONED, WON’T CHANGE” – Lee Geon says these cruel words to Mi Young, but isn’t it projecting? After all, he has also been “abandoned” by Se Ra

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5.- LEE GEON NOTICES MI YOUNG IS BAREFOOT – I liked this moment. Mi Young pleas for her brother in law and Mr. Park, while Lee Geon notices she has been barefoot all the time. His heart starts to soften.

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6.- MI YOUNG CONFRONTS LAWYER MIN – She defends her earrings, and kicks him out of the room. She doesn’t “really” need Lee Geon to rescue her, but it was nice to see him help her

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7.“YOU ARE NO LONGER POST-IT GIRL, YOU ARE CRAZY GLUE” – (And the whole conversation preceding this where she defends her earrings, “They are mine”)

FTLY_Ep2_00083 FTLY_Ep2_00084 FTLY_Ep2_00085  FTLY_Ep2_00087




8.- THE MAKEOVER – I loved how she said she looks good even now 🙂 And Lee Gun’s reaction was my favorite scene of his in the whole drama so far

 FTLY_Ep2_00092 FTLY_Ep2_00093 FTLY_Ep2_00094 FTLY_Ep2_00095 FTLY_Ep2_00096 FTLY_Ep2_00097

jh_leegeon_miyoung_pw jh_leegeon_miyoung_pw2 jh_leegeon_miyoung_pw4

FTLY_Ep2_00098 FTLY_Ep2_00099


9.- THE REVENGE – So delicious!



jh_leegeon_miyoung_pw3 jh_leegeon_miyoung_pw5

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10.- “PLEASE BE CONFIDENT” – Possibly the best scene so far

“Watching him kneel in front of Money, not him but I looked pitiful. He is a bad person, it’s true. But my feelings for him were real. Truth shouldn’t become useless” – Mi Young

FTLY_Ep2_00125 FTLY_Ep2_00126 FTLY_Ep2_00127 FTLY_Ep2_00128