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[Gumi Fan MV] Daegil&Sulhwa_Fox Rain

Kfangurl’s magnificent review of Chuno made me go all crazy about Chuno again, and I wanted to make a fan MV of it. But too many people had already made Daegil&Unnyun, so I decided to pay attention to our forgotten lovely girl. I love Sulhwa (Kim Ha Eun) so much for loving our screwed up Daegil.

The song used is “Fox Rain” by Lee Sun Hee, and below is the translation of its lyrics:

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Robbers – Oh-Joon meets Soon-Dae – Cuteness overload warning!

Warning: Your computer might experience a cuteness overload and your sugar levels might rise suddenly after watching these. Proceed with caution!

If you borrow these gifs, we will appreciate it if you credit to our blog. Thank you 😌

Oh-Joon (Jang Hyuk) not only fell in love with Dal-Lae (Lee Da Hae), he fell in love with her “universe” and part of that universe was Soon Dae, Dal-Lae’s daughter. These two connected right away 😀


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Robbers – Oh-Joon carries Dal-Lae – gifs

  • Trying to resist the urge to gif every Jang Hyuk scene in Robbers
  • Failing
He looks like a hero, but he is the one who made her "fall"

He looks like a hero, but he is the one who made her “fall”

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Into the Sunlight – Gallery

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