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Fated to love you – SoHo TV event – Video, excerpts and photos


Excerpts by Gumi, originally posted on Soompi FTLY thread:

I watched the entire Sohu video and to be honest it was kinda boring……but our actors were very pretty and good looking.

Most of the stuffs said were not that interesting or already mentioned previously….but here’s what I remember


MC asked the director, from the viewer’s point of view those two actors didn’t change at all (in terms of how they look) for 12 years. What do you think? and the director said, I think so too, they didn’t change at all, except now Jang Hyuk is married with two kids.


When they asked about Lee Geon’s laugh, they said (don’t remember if it was director or writer..) that no it wasn’t written on the script, JH came up with it. On our first reading day, Jang Hyuk said he’ll try this laugh, and we all loved it, so we decided to put it into the script as well. And he just kept using it, utilizing it to create his character.


When JNR was asked how JH changed in 12 years, she said “He has gotten handsome!” and people laughed and she hastily added “Don’t misunderstand. He looks exactly the same he did 12 years ago…but just…. more handsome. I don’t know how to describe this…!”





JNR said her greetings in Chinese, and then it was CJH turn. CJH said “Oh jeez with someone speaking in Chinese right before me, now I’m all nervous and stressed.” MC said maybe he can say a word of Chinese too, and he said nope, don’t know a single word.


Choi Dae Chul (our beloved Sec Tak) once again thanked Jang Hyuk. He said a lot of the loved scenes of Sec Tak, including the freeze!! scenes, they were mostly created by Jang Hyuk on spot. It was Jang Hyuk and him interacting on the filming site, and JH coming up with this and that idea, that eventually made Sec Tak a more interesting and lovely character so he is grateful to Jang Hyuk.

MC mentioned Sec Tak is a sexy ahjussi and Tak got (jokingly) upset, said he is not ahjussi, he is young. MC said these days in China ahjussis are hot and trendy, and Tak made this awkward adorable heart with his arms.

Tak called Jang Hyuk ‘hyung’ and JH bursted out, “I’m not hyung! I’m young!” and Tak said “ahahaha loll hyung you’re in a trouble now (now everybody knows you’re older than I am)”. But I’m confused, as someone presented alternative theory…I thought Tak was actually 2 years younger than JH (that’s what their profile age says) so JH was just joking by saying he’s not hyung and Tak was saying oh lol now everybody knows you are older altho u look younger….but then the alternative theory says, maybe Tak is not younger than JH. He could have wrong profile age, that happens to some celebs. So if Tak is actually not younger, then he is the one making joke about calling JH hyung……someone presented this alternative theory cuz JH didn’t look like he was joking when he bursted out “I’m not hyung!” Oh, but the truth is behind the wall……..I’m so confused………..LOL


Choi Woo Shik (Lee Yong) stood up and said he wanted to be a great actor like Jang Hyuk. And then he added he also wanted to be a great actor like Sec Tak (they were sitting right next to each other and were being super cute together)

And in a separate video of interview with JH and JNR, JH said hardest scenes to film was all the bed-related scenes…cuz he was so sleep deprived and felt like sleeping right away as soon as he lay on a bed. He tried desperately to keep awake in all the bed-scenes. lolawwwwwww (combination of awww and lol)