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Thank You: Young Shin and Min Kiseo favorite moments part III – Contains spoilers

And now some lighthearted moments to add to this collection:

SLEEPY MIN-KISEO: Crisis is over! Min Kiseo brought Bom back from Seoul while everyone was asleep (therefore no one learned of his heroic act, boohoo) and then he was so tired he could barely get up! awwww

jh_ty_sleepyminki6 jh_ty_sleepyminki8


THE KISS ON THE ROAD: Min Kiseo invites Young Shin for a drink (because what is k-drama without the main couple getting hammered?) and so yes, this leads to a very interesting conversation, still not very obvious confessions, an almost kiss, angst, an actual but still one sided kiss, etc ENJOY!


This man can’t take it anymore! he needs a kisshhhhh

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Thank You: Young Shin and Min Kiseo favorite moments part II – Contains spoilers

I can’t contain myself and I’m definitely not being selective with my “favorite” Min Kiseo and Young Shin scenes. All of them are excellent so let’s just go straight to the squeeing! (and please, I beg you, if you haven’t watched this series yet, please DO IT! no matter what kind of dramas you prefer, even if you are nit picker, you will LOVE THIS, I guarantee it. And if you don’t, well, sorry, lol! but you WILL!) Also, if you haven’t watched it yet, don’t continue reading. This post is full of SPOILERS

YOUNG SHIN, I AM YOUR FATHER: Remember how Young Shin confused Min Kiseo with her dead father when she was drunk? Min Kiseo decided to play a joke on her, while using the opportunity to reveal his true feelings: “I came back because I was worried about you”




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Thank You: Young Shin and Min Kiseo favorite moments part I – Contains spoilers

I love romances that start slowly. Where you can actually see how it develops and even more so, when it is not based on physical attraction. I think the moment where we can tell Dr Min is falling for Young Shin, or rather Young Shin’s family, is when he overheard Lee Bom singing Clementine to her mom.

It is true that I got frustrated at Young Shin for never kissing my Min Kiseo properly, but I also have to admit that this behavior fits the character of Young Shin perfectly. This is a woman who has chosen to forget she is a “woman” in order to become “Lee Bom’s mom”. She describes herself as a piece of furniture. This is not just about kdrama being prude, it is part of this story, so we forgive

Having said that, the scenes pre kiss and almost kiss in this drama, are hotter than many kiss or sex scenes I’ve seen. Sometimes the “unresolved sexual tension” is more satisfying. It’s all about those eyes full of love, passion and desire isn’t it?

Anyway, here are some of my favorite romantic and sexy scenes between Young Shin (Gong Hyo Jin) and Min Kiseo (Jang Hyuk)

MIN KISEO DRIES YOUNG SHIN’S TEARS: A convalescent Kiseo finds Young Shin sleeping next to him and crying. He feels sorry for her and tries to dry her tears. This is the first time he tries to do something nice for her, his ice cold shield is cracking

ty_minki_driestears1 ty_minki_driestears3

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