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Jang Hyuk reacts to his new birthday clay dolls 

Jang Hyuk’s DC Gallery fans met with Jang Hyuk while he was filming final episodes of Money Flower to give him his belated birthday present. It’s a tradition now! The beautiful clay dolls created based on his characters. 

Please visit DC Gallery to see more pictures of our doll carrying dolls 😋 and to take a closer look at the details of each doll


This year, we want to give a special thanks to those of you who visit our blog and contributed with the DC Gallery fans to make it happen. THANK YOU SO MUCH! ❤️ Jang Hyuk was soooo happy with his dolls, as you will see in the pictures. 

This year the characters are Moo Jin Hyuk from Voice and Gyu Nam from Ordinary Person. 

I don’t remember the exact words but I was told that he observed and admired the dolls details. He even insisted that he wanted to show them off at the filming site 😍 So cute! He said that he loves and keeps these dolls in a special place in his house. he expressed that he realizes that these in particular must take a lot of dedication and he fully appreciates the great amount of thought put behind them. 

Fan Support Shine or Go Crazy – And more birthday cake

Jang Hyuk DC Gallery brought a snack food truck to the production of Shine or Crazy and they also brought Hyuk a birthday cake and presents.

P.S I’m getting used to Wang So’s part wig part real hair thing 🙂 Hyukie looked beautiful according to Gumi who btw was also there!


He kept the flame alive while his fans sang Happy Birthday.













Jang Hyuk is impressed with this fan made drawing of him.


Trying to keep his hand warm in a very cold night.



Happy Birthday Jang Hyuk – Celebrating on the set of Shine or Go Crazy

We have started celebrating Hyukie’s birthday on twitter since yesterday, since it was already December 20th in Korea. Because of time difference we can celebrate a longer Hyuk day all over the world! You can join the party by following the tag #Hyukspam on twitter

Our sweet twitter friend @karen_527 , actually got him a cake and cooked some delicious food 😊


But how did our birthday boy celebrated? Well, working! We know him! Workaholic as ever! And I suppose the production of Shine or Go Crazy can’t stop since the premiere is coming soon, tentatively on January 12th.

But the Shine or Go Crazy team made sure to make our Hyukie feel special on this day! Look at the pics 😀



This is what Jang Hyuk wrote on his official Weibo account: “Thank you all who celebrated my birthday. I am spending a happy day” – (Thanks to @janghyukno1fan for her translation)



Happy Birthday Jang Hyuk!

Our Jang Hyuk turns 37 today! As you know, Gumi will do her best to deliver the birthday messages we collected privately, directly to him on Dec 23rd during the Fan Meeting that will take place in Tokyo. We collected 17 wonderful messages! Thank you guys! I know we are a small crowd but I’m sure Jang Hyuk will appreciate the honest good vibes you are all sending to him through those messages.

I will not write much more because I don’t think I will ever be able to beat this post by Ahjussi Fan! Please read it! It is hilarious!

So I’ll just share some  drawing doodle I made to accompany the messages we sent. Yes! I know! whatever I drew looks like someone other than Jang Hyuk, but there was a lot of love put into this ok? so shhhhhh and it’s not that I can’t draw, It’s just that his beauty is such that it can’t be captured by me (’cause I can’t draw…*sigh*)