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Thank You – Min Kiseo and his girlfriend- rethinking my first impressions



The first time I watched Thank you, was right after I had finished The Tree with Deep Roots and Chuno. So I was overwhelmed with all those awesome action scenes, epic scenery and especially with that Jang Hyuk. The wild tough guy who was so vulnerable inside that he made me cry buckets. The powerful, intense “sageuk Jang Hyuk”. I had been so impressed by him in those dramas, that I decided to be selective and watch only his “good works” (suuuuurreeeee)

Thank You has mostly good reviews and a friend of mine recommended it as her favorite Jang Hyuk drama, so I decided to give it a try. I have to admit that at first I was underwhelmed. Of course! I was unconsciously expecting that other Jang Hyuk! the one who scared the bejeezus outta me every time he cried, un-refrained, like an animal. The one who cried “ugly” but with such intensity and raw emotion that I just couldn’t help but feel his excruciating pain deep in every fiber of my being

Instead I got Min Kiseo, who, well, is definitely not a quiet passive one, and does not fall behind in the intense stare department…


And, yup! he ranks way up there with the sageuk guys, and even Kitae on the rage-mometer. But, he didn’t cry as much, and when he did it was more subtle.


On my re-watch, however, I appreciated this performance. It has its own kind of power and it obviously suits this character much more. OMG! that perfect teardrop 😦

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Getting ready for my Thank You rewatch

Since my friend is in possession of my Robbers DVD’s I have no option but to start my rewatch of Thank You. I have my supply of “Choco pies” ready 🙂


The DVD’s intro shows these images and I thought they were too nice, not to share




Let the spaszzfest begin!