“Call It Like You See It” – An Upcoming OCN Thriller


Having been off the grid most of the summer, I was blindsided by the news that Jang Hyuk is slated to star in the OCN crime-thriller “Call it Like You See it.”

*New Title: “Tell Me What You Saw”

I should’ve known you can’t keep Jang Hyuk down! The main cast was announced in July and the drama is set to tentatively star Jang Hyuk, Choi Soo Young, And Jin Seo Yeon. Since it will premiere in February, 2020, there’s not much buzz on it. Right now the attention is on Netflix’s Exclusive, “My Country: The New Age” – which premieres October 4th worldwide and is close to wrapping up production.

“Call It Like You See It” will be directed by “Voice” PD Kim Hong-Seon, marking a reunion with Jang Hyuk. It will be written by Go Young Jae and Han Ki Hyun. With only a little info to go on, I feel like it’s in the same vein as “Voice” and has an intriguing plot.

According to info on Han Cinema

“Call It Like You See It” is a tracking thriller about an eccentric genius profiler, a detective with the ability to remember anything they have seen even once, and a serial killer who thought they were dead.”

A character having a photographic memory is a drama trope that’s almost run out of steam, but we’ll see how they employ it. I like when shows break out the special effects by giving us glimpses into their mind and thought processes. Similar to BBC’s “Sherlock.”

There’s no shortage of genius Criminal Profilers, especially eccentric ones. Could they be anything but in dramas? I found no official word on Jang Hyuk’s character, but I can see him as the Profiler or killer. He’s played eccentric geniuses before, in the underrated drama, “Beautiful Mind” and he also starred as a Joseon Era Sherlock Holmes type in “Tree With Deep Roots.” Rumor has it he’s playing the Detective, which is still a fascinating part since he’ll possess a powerful gift of the mind. (And we may get a lot of “hawt” deep concentration scenes!)

I’m not sure how I’d feel about Jang Hyuk as a serial killer, but I’m not doubting his ability to play one. There’s no right or wrong way. Jang Hyuk is drawn to charismatic roles and real life history is full of charismatic killers. It would display new facets of his acting skills we haven’t quite seen before. That’s something he strives for.

I like the twist in the synopsis. Usually law enforcement believes they’ve gotten rid of the killer “once and for all,” only to have them return and wreak havoc all over again. Maybe our heroes are vigilantes that go “underground” to catch the killer by staying a step ahead of them? They may have personal vendettas after being left for dead and possibly lost loved ones in the attacks.

There’s a lot to speculate at this point. We’ll keep you posted!

OCN is a formidable Network when it comes to crime/action/thriller genres and they’ve been on top of their game with quality shows for years. “Call It Like You See It” is sure to be an exciting and intense Winter drama.

7 responses to ““Call It Like You See It” – An Upcoming OCN Thriller

  1. Thanks for responding! I don’t typically watch Korean Dramas because I am afraid I will get sucked in and a prime example is FTLY. I saw a clip on FB where Kim Mi Young was humiliated at her “introductory debut” by her ex colleague and Lee Gun came to her defense in such a spectacular yet weird way. I was so intrigued I ended up binge watching the whole 20 episodes over 3 days. I am not familiar with the other actors you mentioned but I will definitely check them out. I did not watch the first drama with Jang Na Ra so I had nothing to compare with. I did not think she was as strong of an actor as Jang Hyuk though, although I know many will disagree with me. I started watching Thank You but I missed the comic aspect of Lee Gun and am finding it hard to muster interest in watching more episodes past the first one. I am trawling through your entire blog now and I really appreciate the effort you put in translating everything for non Koreans. Thank you!!!

    • Kdramas certainly have a way of sucking you in so fast! It happened that way for me. I was just looking for more stuff with Song Joong Ki years ago and I found ‘Nice Guy’ then i couldn’t stop watching and just kept going on and on and on. I’d say ‘Thank You’ was more of a heavy melo watch for me. I did see the comic elements there but i was too busy crying my eyes out half the time. Drama Fan is not Korean and neither am I so we write all our posts in English. (I’ve known DF for years, this was the first blog I found when I was looking for more info on Jang Hyuk. I’m a new writer on the blog though so I only have a few articles out.) Gumi-the co-owner is Korean and she’s fantastic with translating for us all.

  2. I just discovered him about 2 weeks ago when I watched Fated To Love You. He is such a versatile actor and very masculine unlike pretty boys we see on KTV. I like your article because it shows his true character of keeping his word. What a wonderful man he is. His wife is very lucky.

    • Thank you for taking the time to comment, Grace. It’s great to get to know new fans! I agree with everything you said. I’m not crazy about the “Flower boy” type and most of my favorite actors have been actors like Jang Hyuk – Song Il Guk, Oh Ji Ho, So Ji Sub and Kim Myung Min to name a few. {Fans self!}
      You’ll fall more “in love” with Jang Hyuk with each drama. I tend to prefer his Melos and crime dramas, but Chuno was amazing. I didn’t care to see “Fated to love you” at all when it came out. I wasn’t into the pairing because I mostly disliked the first drama he starred in with Jang Na-Ra. (Successful Story of a Bright Girl) I think that colored my opinion of FTLY. One of these days I need to see it or else I’ll have to revoke my fan card. And I’m sure it will be amazing and I’ll have to eat my old words. haha.

      • @LadyG I’ve been waiting for you to eat your old words for years! 😋 @Grace Welcome! It’s always so exciting to meet new fans! I also love FTLY! I wish I could recommend another rom-com with Jang Hyuk but he rarely participates on those 😑 However, I bet you can tell from FTLY that he is also excellent at drama. He is truly versatile. While it will be nearly impossible to find another Lee Gun, I can say, if you give Thank You a chance, you will find some cute humorous scenes in it, it gets a lot better once he arrived at the island. Thank you is a very wholesome drama. You’d love Jang Hyuk’s interaction with the little girl and grandpa. Another drama where Jang Hyuk was brilliant was Beautiful Mind. It started on a “dark” tone but you will find his character has a funny/cute side later on. Not sure how you feel about historicals, but after FTLY, Jang Hyuk starred in Shine or go crazy, not the best crafted drama but you can tell Jang Hyuk still had Lee Gun in his mind, because that character was similar in mannerisms. I didn’t like that drama personally but many people did, since they were missing Lee Gun so much and also its one of the few dramas where JH has an actual romance and chemistry with the female lead. The drama has comedy. But my recommendations solely based on the magnificence of his acting are: Money Flower, Chuno and Beautiful Mind. Also! Guyssss you NEED to check out My Country, he is not the lead but he is doing a great job as Lee Bang Won. The drama is currently available on Netflix but it’s an ongoing drama. Like I said Grace! Very happy to meet you and please keep visiting us.

        • Hi Drama Lady! I will continue watching Thank You and will check out the other ones. I have a question, being non Korean – what is the significance of a snail that even songs are written about them? Are they considered “cute” animals?

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