Jang Hyuk wins – MBC’s Top Excellence Actor Award – Money Flower

Congratulations to our Jang Hyuk! He just won MBC’s Top Excellence Actor Award for Weekend Drama, thanks to his amazing performance as Kang Pil Joo in Money Flower. He was also nominated for Daesang, which went to Kim Sang Joong for his role in Rebel, the thief who stole the people.

Other winners from Money Flower were Lee Mi Sook (Top Excellence Actress for Jung Mal Ran) and Jang Seung Jo (Excellence Actor Award for Jang Boo Cheon).


While I feel grateful and happy and I’m also aware that these awards are not always “fair”, I feel Money Flower deserved even more recognition. It is an outstanding drama and I really wish more people would check it out.  But I won’t pressure much yet 😋 since the drama is not yet completed.

Here is a complete list of nominees and winners


Jang Hyuk and Lee Mi Sook win Daesang in my heart! and they also stole and set the red carpet on fire!

The Jang Brothers were so cute together!

And there was this priceless moment when Jang Hyuk brought water bottles to his peers. Why is he so lovely???


And then this “on camera reunion” with Kim Ji Suk (who played Wangson in Chuno and also won an award tonight for his role in 20th Century boy and girl)


Message from Jang Hyuk on his official IG


Message from JH on Sidus IG

Well, till the next time my friends! Keep supporting our Hyuk!

7 responses to “Jang Hyuk wins – MBC’s Top Excellence Actor Award – Money Flower

  1. Well derserved 🙂

  2. Thanks for writing this blog post Drama Fan.😊
    Congratulations to JH for winning Top Excellence award. I’m happy for him but the thing which made me even happier is the fact that he got to play two best charaters of his career within two years which can make every true artist feel envious.😄 Regardless of my liking for the whole dramas I feel proud of him as a fan. The way he captured nuances of his character is remarkable and even could fetch him multiple awards if those dramas were movies without the sub-human conditions in which the Korean drama actors have to work.😢
    Though I don’t know him but still I like him even more as a human being. I read his interview after completion of Voice where he said he never lets the stress originated from past work to culminate instead he looks forward to his next work. He indeed worked very hard this year. I mean he always works hard but this year was extreme even for his standard. I’m glad instead of distressing because of BM’s fate he took new works and continued to work diligently. I think he is setting a good example for his kids as well as for the fans.
    Though I’m not an acting expert but I think his exquisite portrayal of KPJ was daesang worthy. I don’t know many actors who can show innate emotions of the characters without moving single facial muscle. Not that I care much about the awards but it could be an addition to his ‘status’ as an actor. At his age ‘status’ is much needed thing to bring better offers.
    I wish he gets lot of rest after completion of MF and 2018 brings him much more success and happiness. I hope he finally hets the opportunity of being part of a great and popular work in new year. Even his latest post says 2018 is the 2018′ 😆
    Also I wish a very-very happy and prosperous new year to you Drama Fan. 😊

    • Thank you! Happy New Year to you! I wish he had gotten Daesang for the reasons you stated. I think he deserved it. But, one “consolation” I get is that, the actor who got Daesang, is older than him and wasn’t playing a lead. This gives me hope that Jang Hyuk still has a chance to get recognition in the future if he brings another brilliant performance that also is favored with ratings, regardless of his age.

  3. He and Lee Mi-sook have old style Hollywood elegance.

    And does he have the deepest voice on Hallyu?

  4. He IS amazing in Money Flower.. Glad he’s getting recognition for it! ❤

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