Jang Hyuk character clay dolls 2017 – We need your help!

Hi everyone! I’m sorry to come back to blogging to ask for help with something, instead of posting about Jang Hyuk’s absolutely mesmerizing beauty in Money Flower. But, I promise to come back for that! I mean if you are a Hyuk enthusiast and you are not watching this! I beg you! check it out! Plot? who cares about plot? Just look at this!


Ok but, more on Money Flower later. Right now I want to remind you guys, that December 20th is approaching. Aha! and what’s on Dec 20th? you may ask…Well, December 20th is the day our beautiful mother in law (Jang Hyuk’s mom) gave birth to that gorgeous man. YES! so it’s an important date for us Hyukie fans.

And as it is tradition, every year DC Jang Hyuk Gallery fans (of which our dear Gumi is a member) have these amazing, very elaborate, hand made clay dolls especially made for him. As you can see from Hyuk’s expression in the picture below, he LOVES these presents. He really values them as they represent his fan’s appreciation for the characters he creates with so much passion and dedication.



As you know, fan support events and gifts, always depend on fans collaboration and it’s always a struggle. This year is no exception and the DC Jang Hyuk Gallery team needs as much help as possible to make them happen. Would you be interested in helping? Any contribution will be deeply appreciated. The decision to make the dolls this year will be made on Monday (Korea time, therefore tomorrow in US time) and it will depend on how many contributions we can collect. 



Para los amigos de habla hispana que aman a Hyukie, que conozco varias ya 🙂 les hago un resumen de este post: El 20 de diciembre es el cumpleaños de nuestro querido actor y su grupo de fans de DC Jang Hyuk Gallery están pidiendo ayuda para poder mandar a hacer estos hermosos muñecos de sus personajes. Estos son hechos a mano, especialmente hechos para él. Si quieren ayudar a continuar esta tradición, por favor envien su contribución a la cuenta de Paypal gumi132223@gmail.com.  Tenemos hasta mañana domingo (lunes en Korea) para juntar el dinero necesario. Espero que nos puedan ayudar. ¡Muchas gracias!

See below previous year’s beautiful dolls.

In 2014 we got Junki from Thorn, Lee Gun from Fated to love you and Ace Soldier Jang Hyuk from the variety show Real Men. Thanks to JH DC Gallery for the pics.







7 responses to “Jang Hyuk character clay dolls 2017 – We need your help!

  1. Hi – I was curious to know if this year you are planning on giving him clay dolls for his birthday again?

  2. Hi dears!! Im one of the Hyukie’s fans from India. I just love him like you all 🙂 I just found this beautiful site and this post on Hyukie’s Bday dolls!! Those dolls are absolutely amazing and also Hyukie’s reaction is so adorable!!! I am feeling sad that I came here very late…. Is this still open thread, or have you already delivered the dolls to him this year?? I wanna join and will help to contribute

    • Hi Kamakshi. The dolls for this year have been made, Jang Huk DC Gallery however, accepts contributions year round for different support events. Thanks for visiting and I hope you continue visiting this blog ❤️

  3. These dolls are absolutely gorgeous. They truly represent his characters. I don’t observe birthdays, but I love how he adores them and will have them for life, so money sent. I hope there’s enough in the end to make them.

    • Thank you @Lady G! Honestly, I wish I had posted this sooner but I was swamped with work. Like you said, it’s not just the birthday thing but more like, I really love these dolls too! I wish I could have them myself. So being a fan of the dolls I kinda don’t want them to stop being produced. Thank you so much for helping! I know december can be a tough month for everyone ❤️

      • No problem! It’s been a tough year for me, but i like to splurge on things that make me happy once in a while. Little splurges, not $1,000 iPhone X. LOL. This is worth it. 😀 I’d love to have a set of the Chuno clay dolls!

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