You can help us make the Beautiful Mind Special DVD become a reality. 

Hi friends. As many of you know, Beautiful Mind was cut short by KBS due to ratings but it was beloved by those who watched it. 

There’s a team of korean fans that has been working hard at trying to get a Director’s Cut DVD but that wasn’t possible because it didn’t meet minimum pre-order in Korea. However, not all hope is lost! There is a possibility of getting a Beautiful Mind Special Making DVD! 


The WiFi couple needs you!

This DVD will have great features and even though it says “No Subtitles” the DVD Team will work on english subtitles themselves. 

Pre-order is now open to foreigners which means we can now help make this happen! DVDs are 52.32 (much cheaper than typical Director’a Cut and which will be refunded if DVD is not made)

We need to meet 500 pre-orders before September 5th. We can’t let this opportunity go! 

Look at this super cute moment! We need more of these!

Here is where you pre-order:

Below is the message from the team who is making our dream come true 👏

This is Beautiful Mind DVD project group. 

We would like to thank everyone who have waited for the pre-order. 

There have been a lot of inquiries about English subtitles. 

BM DVD Project Group is currently organising a team for the subtitles.

As soon as we reach minimum demand for the Special Making DVD, we will start translating. 

We are trying hard to meet everyone’s need. 

Special Making DVD will include:

– 3 disc : including cut scenes of 1 ~ 14th episode that have not been aired. 

– Photo book (80 ~ 100p)

– Hologram numbering sticker 

– Postcards

– Region Code: 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 (NO region 2)

Also we are discussing on

1) Scripts of all episodes

2) Written commentaries of the director/writer and actors/actresses. 

Pre-order for BM Special DVD is open until September 5th. 

Price of the DVD is $53.29.

If the Pre-order does not meet its minimum demands, this project will be stopped. The minimum demand for BM Special Making DVD is 500. This DVD project is order based production. BM Special Making DVD can be only purchased until September 5th. 

If this project fails, you can get a full refund. 

We are trying our best not to lose BM Special Making DVD.

Let’s make this happen together.

BM Special Making DVD can be purchased here.

If you have any questions, please contact us by 

BM DVD Project Group.

7 responses to “You can help us make the Beautiful Mind Special DVD become a reality. 

  1. Hi there!

    I think this link would be more helpful since it links to the direct DVD pre-order:


  2. I’m so happy and excited about the English subtitle 😀 The shipping fee is ridiculously high but I’ll definitely order it before deadline. Are there any places, other than Ktown4U, we can order where the shipping fee is less? It happened when I ordered FTLY DVD.

  3. @DramaFan Have you had any experience with this group before? I’m all in, IF we know they’re legit. BM is totally worth $53 to me if I’ll actually receive it but it’s too much to lose to a foreign entity where I’d have no recourse if they don’t follow through.

    • Hi there @Beez, the DVD Team is the group of fans organizing and pushing for this to happen but they are not the ones making or distributing the DVDs. That’s an actual DVD Company. That’s how these projects usually work. A group of fans unites and contacts the production, I believe the network and a DVD company. If the production and network accept and a DVD company is willing to do it (they usually require a minimum of pre-orders) then the DVDs are made. And the short answer would be, I don’t personally know anyone involved. But I have bought a pre-ordered Director’s Cut before for FTLY and had a positive experience. This DVD team in particular has worked really hard, to the point where they are willing to create subs, something the DVD company wasn’t going to do since they don’t actually expect to get a significant amount ofpre-orders from international f

    • Sorry @Beez, my message got cut off and jumbled there :p Anyway, also take into consideration the shipping cost, which I didn’t include in my post. This will vary depending on where you are. I will pre-order but I can’t guarantee anything myself.

      • Thanks Drama Fan. I’ll move forward with hiring the “order now” button, but if the shipping takes it to above $75-80, then I probably won’t order.

        Thanks again for clarifying how they do these things.

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