Beautiful Mind, Episodes 1 -6

What makes someone a monster and what makes someone a “normal” person? Is a psychopath who can’t empathize a monster or is a greedy chairman who values money above all else a monster? Is a kind doctor who does his best for his patients but treats his son as if he were a monster a […]

One response to “Beautiful Mind, Episodes 1 -6

  1. Thanks DF for giving us yet another place to get more insight into this series.

    Because of the complexity of this show, I’ve decided to rewatch all of the episodes on

    I usually prefer the flavor of native speaking Koreans (on Viki), but I need Young Ho’s actions and pysche and the goings on with the murders, spelled out as basically as possible, in English where I don’t have to try to figure out what is meant when words, that may not be sequentially in correct grammar order, may be trying to say. lol

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