Beautiful Mind Episode 8 Recap


Young O rises again.

Beautiful Mind Episode 8 Recap


Hyun Suk Joo (Yoon Hyun Min) (this may be before he was a doctor) is playing basketball with a friend. The friend collapses. Dr. Hyun goes to his father’s house enraged that the methanol the factory uses caused his friend to collapse. His father is unconcerned and states the factory did nothing wrong. Instead of giving his friend compensation, his father states if his friend makes his illness public, he will sue his friend. Suk Joo realizes his father’s attitude is repulsive. He declares he will never sit at the table again. His father yells at him that life is a battlefield, those with warm hearts die first. His father approaches him and tells him that he is just like him. Suk Joo recoils and says “I will never be like you. I will do everything I can do to…

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