Beautiful Mind Episode 5 Recap


Young O may be smart, but he’s proven dumb.

Beautiful Mind Episode 5 Recap



Youthful Lee Young O enters his school room only to be set upon by some boys. Thinking he is being attacked Young O responds in kind. Imagine his classmates shock at his unfettered ferocity. Imagine his shock when he realizes his other classmates hold a cake and gifts…it is his birthday. Oh dear, I feel for Young O in this situation. When his father arrives, Young O states he was attacked from behind, he couldn’t read their faces. His father tells Young O that he must not act on his feelings. Young O’s biggest problem is himself, he must suppress and hide himself from others. His father says next time Young O may be permanently rejected. His father assures Young O he will not abandon him, ever. “When others laugh, you laugh. When others cry…

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