Beautiful Mind Episode 4 Recap


The murderer starts to feel the heat of the investigation.

Beautiful Mind Episode 4 Recap


Dr. Lee Young O (Jang Hyuk) is a second year resident. He listens to the senior doctor reprimand another resident, Kim Min Jae (Park Se Young), about not inserting a L tube correctly in the patient. He asks Young O to confirm that Min Jae should be able to do this. Young Oinstead tells the doctor that L tube could kill the patient and medicine should be administered. Min Jae tries to hold her laughter. Of course the doctor is irked at being schooled by Young O in front of Min Jae. I love the music they play in the background gets a playful jazzy feel to the scene.You have to feel sorry for Min Jae, when she does everything possible to tell Young O that she wants to eat with him. But…

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