The Merchant Gaekju Episode 33 Recap


We play “keep away” with the Head Merchant’s inheritance. Everyone wants it. Who will end up with it?

The Merchant Gaekju Episode 33 Recap

We start with the Head Merchant insulting the Government official by offering promissory note for 5. Not the number he’d asked for. The Head Merchant tells them his cash is all gone. They are stunned. Former assistant (aka the smartest guy in the show) figures out that the Head Merchant has transferred all his assets the baby. So Gae (Yu Oh Seong) yells they must catch Wol before she reaches Bong Sam. The Government official orders Bo Hyun to official put out a warrant for Wol. The Head Merchant tells them he can hand his money off to his son. He asks who wants to be his son. The Government official says the money was never the Head Merchant’s. They all had a hand in making him…

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