Jang Hyuk wins Excellence Male Actor – KBS Drama Awards 2015



Yeorobun!!! (imagine I said that in Bongsam’s voice) I have an announcement to make:

1)It’s almost 2016 here so HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL!

2) How have you been? Long time no see!

3) It seems our Bongsamee’s pain and suffering in Gaekju have paid off (for those of you not watching Gaekju, yeah, Bongsam suffers a lot, nothing is ever easy for this character :p)

So, uri Bongsamee (Jang Hyuk) was nominated for KBS Awards in the category of Excellence Acting – Male – Mid length drama (or something) but the most important thing is, EVIL So Gae was also nominated along with other very fine actors. And guess what? Our Bongsamee WON! Yayyy (And here I inmaturely stick my tongue at So Gae LOSER!)

Just so you know, Im loving actor Yu Oh Seong who interprets So Gae in Gaekju. And I loved him more when he smiled sweetly as Jang Hyuk gave his acceptance speech. But So Gae? I hate So Gae with a passion I haven’t felt for a character in a long time! So I’m just going to imagine this was Bongsam defeating So Gae for once! 😀 Just the thought gives me great pleasure.

This selfie of our Gaekju beauties and Dragon brother Cha Tae Hyun was posted by Han Chae Ah on her instagram account @chaea_han

On the other hand, they should have a special award for villains. I would throw all those awards at So Gae although Mamanim (Kim Min Jung) and Head Merchant (Lee Duk Hwa) are strong competitors.
Jang Hyuk also won in the Best Couple category with Han Chae Ah (along with other four couples as it is tradition for KBS) Actresses Han Chae Ah and Kim Min Jung also received awards individually. Congratulations to them!   

Jang Hyuk, Cha Tae Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun in an adorable hug. Credit: Chin at JH DC Gallery .

Back to our Hyukie, he was ADORABLE on the red carpet. I guess I could choose other adjectives like, hot or handsome but this time the vibe I got from him was “adorbs”. His hair was errrrmm well…He has lots of hair, and that’s nice right? *quickly changes subject*

Here is a video recap of the Red Carpet in case you are interested in seeing all the stars that were present: https://youtu.be/xkksbQF46rE

And RED CARPET PICS (Click on each to see them larger)

11 responses to “Jang Hyuk wins Excellence Male Actor – KBS Drama Awards 2015

  1. I’m going to make up a defense for the red carpet hair – he has to have the long hair for his saeguk top knot, right?

    In sure when Merchant is over, he’ll get a more stylish ‘do.

    Thanks for posting this, DF.

  2. Congratulations to him!! They look great in the photos. And so happy for Han Chae Ah too. Love her, she’s one of my favorites. I can’t wait to start this drama soon. I took a leave of Absence from Asian Drama for a while and started watching BBC shows. But I’ll be back.

  3. Hyuk totally won best tux last night. Kkk. And dramabeans agreed with me. Love to hate the hair but damn it’s makes him look younger. Can’t wait to watch bong sam again.
    Some people say JH back to saeguk is a boring thing coz he already play it so many times. But I’m glad coz Bong Sam now being one of my favo character in K-drama. It’s rare to watch an earnest, stick to principe and honest leading man character in K-drama.
    Btw, happy new year to you DF and Gumi also to all.

  4. DramaFan, you are a piece of work..so funny. The hair quip “quickly changes subject” blew me away! i agree, not my fave (love him in longer hair), but he looks young, healthy, and always better than anyone else!

  5. Yay for Jang Hyuk! So glad he won this 🙂

  6. About his hair, I love it! He looks so good in it, easily the most handsome one on the red carpet last night !!!

  7. LOL your comments are so funny. I was initially quite pissed off last night that JH won the Execllence award instead of the Top Excellence award. But ur comments made me see how sweeter this award means to BS haha… Congrats to Bong Sam for defeating SG!

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