The Merchant Gaekju Episode 19 Recap


Go big or go home. That’s the advice Bong Sam receives. He comes up with a plan. Will he succeed?

The Merchant Gaekju Episode 19 Recap

mg_ep19_1amg_ep19_1bmg_ep19_1cBong Sam (Jang Hyuk) intercepts and kneels in front of the Head Merchant. Bong Sam asks how he can raise big money (890,000 is specified amount). The Head Merchant is astonished at the large amount. Bong Sam specifies 300,000 for stables and 500,000 for the taxes on the stolen rice. Bong Sam declares the Head Merchant is the only man that can help him. The Head Merchant says that money must be sensed, then grasped, then played with to expand it. Bong Sam asks for specifics. No risk, no reward is the Head Merchant’s advice. In today’s words – Go Big or Go Home. Bong Sam thanks the Head Merchant and leaves. The Head Merchant is impressed. So Sa (Han Chae Ah) is impressed. I’m impressed too.

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