DON’T stop swooning

It’s not like you’ll be able to 😍 Jang Hyuk is as dreamy as ever in this photoshoot for the November issue of Thailandese magazine DON’T 

Here is a link to the free magazine online

Here is a video of the photoshoot. Remember to blink! (Thanks to Zoi)



11 responses to “DON’T stop swooning

  1. Did anyone figure out the meaning of the magazine? “Don’t” what? Don’t be unstylish? Don’t kick animals?

  2. US PEOPLE magazine hasn’t come up with anyone this hot in 25 years of the SEXIEST MAN OF THE YEAR covers!

  3. They are all really nice but I especially like the one where he’s on the Victorian style couch. He has such a gently yet masculine face. lol! I like the one where he’s randomly sprawled out on the floor. I’m not sure exactly what he was doing here but it’s neat.

  4. He photographs so beautifully ❤

  5. Really wish that somewhere, we could get a translation of the text.

  6. Anyone know what the “DON’T” means as the title of the magazine?

    And I’m still curious to know why magazines, youtube videos, etc. use English headlines in titles and on the covers?

    Especially since, while Koreans are taught English in school, it’s my understanding that most don’t have any practical use or understanding of it. Much like my “understanding” of the French I took in middleschool.) So do Koreans buy a magazine with no way of knowing what the articles are about until they begin to read the body of the text?

    Please somebody explain the use of English headlines?

    • Most Koreans understand enough English to understand those used in titles. I don’t know how much French you speak, but I would cautiously guess that average Korean understanding of English is a little more than that….since they are required to learn it from 3rd grade to high school, and score of standardized English test is required in most colleges and in most jobs, most Koreans learned at least 10 years of English. Actually their reading ability is often better than speaking ability, so they actually understand a lot more than they appear to be able to speak.

      And titles of articles are usually in Korean…it’s just titles of magazine itself that’s in English. So it’s not like they don’t know what the articles are about before they read the text…title of the magazine has nothing to do with actual content of the article!

      And as of why titles of magazines are in English…there could be many reasons. It could be that the magazine is originally foreign magazine, and it’s the Korean branch of it (Cosmopolitan, Vogue, etc.) Or it could’ve originally originated in Korea, but just thought it’s better to use English, because it is shorter and fits the page better, or because it gives more fashionable feeling, etc. Because a lot of the fashion jargons are in foreign words, magazines usually find it more ‘suiting’ with the atmosphere to title themselves in English. On the other hand, for news papers, for which ‘trustworthiness’ is a more important value than being fashionable, they usually use Korean for titles.

      So that’s my explanation about why Korean magazines use English titles…and for your exact question of why do they use English headlines, I’ll actually have to say, I don’t think that’s true. Koreans don’t use English headlines. If you’ve seen those, you’ve seen translated version, and the target for that specific thing is not Koreans, it’s meant to be read by foreigners. This specific magazine DONT has its headline in English but it is not a Korean magazine, it’s Thai magazine.

      • Thanks, Gumi
        I did realize is a Thai magazine but it brought up the questions I’ve always had about the English signs on businesses, magazines, etc.

        After posting that question, I actually stumbled upon a study on the subject. I was a little leary because it was a pdf that I had to download but I’ve been so curious about this that I chanced it.

        It basically says the same thing you posted here (only in textbook jargon with graphs and tables that I didn’t understand anyway. Your explanation is a lot more succinct and easier to understand. 🙂

        Thanks again.

    • I believe this is a Thai magazine.

  7. I love Hyukie’s hair off his forehead. But then I think all of the male drama and kpop idol starts look better with their hair swept back or long. (It’s probably my own cultureal bias associating bangs on little boys (and girls, of course).)

  8. Oh wow, beautiful!! What a tease, I went through the magazine online and got excited because the intro to the article was in English, then Wham! All in Thai. Lol Those pictures are not just smoking, they’re boiling. Thank you for sharing.

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