The Merchant Gaekju Episode 2 Recap


Our adult leads make choices that directly impact their children and alter their life paths. 

The Merchant Gaekju Episode 2 Recap


Chun Bong Sam, his friend Gil So Gae, and his sister start the episode happy and carefree. Little do they know their happy and carefree days will come to a close this episode because of the actions of So Gae’s father and the evil men who want to assume control of Bong Sam’s father’s merchant consortium. Last episode we learned that So Gae’s father made a deal with the devil, an evil politician, and he’s late on paying back the loan. Evil politician offered Gil So Gae’s father 3 options – pay the loan, become an opium trader, or kill him to erase the evidence of the debt. This episode So Gae’s father is unable to kill him, so trading opium, an illegal activity, is his only option. Chinese police drug sniffing…

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