The Merchant Gaekju Episode 1 Recap


Watching this episode on Viki with only 74% English subbed did not help me love it…and I was watching this episode 2 days after it aired!

The Merchant Gaekju Episode 1 Recap
We meet Chun Bong Sam’s father a successful merchant getting ready to go on a long sales trip. His young son Chun Bong Sam isn’t interested in taking over his father’s business…yet. Gil So Gae’s father is Bong Sam’s father’s best friend and they work together. Gil So Gae is sweet on Bong Sam’s sister. Gil So Gae’s father has a secret. He has made a deal with the devil, a greedy politician, and he’s late on paying back the loan. This pushes him to urge Bom Sam’s father to illegally trade cow hides, which the honorable merchant rejects. The episode ends with the greedy politician offering Gil So Gae’s father 3 options – pay the loan, become an opium trader…

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