God of Trade – Innkeeper 2015 – First Impression

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Sorry Jang Hyuk fans, I think he only appears from the second episode onwards, as the first episode is entirely a history of his character, Chun Bong-san. Bong-san is the younger son of the Master (Kim Seung Soo) of the Chun family business, and he hates having to walk long distances as a traveling merchant, like his father. Show also displays alot of how Joseon merchants work, and the merchant rules that they have to abide to.


The Chuns specialises in trading of dried sea cucumbers, which were very expensive in those olden days in Joseon, apparently. Their entire troupe of traveling merchants waited for three years for the trading to re-open between Kaesong and Hanyang, but their journey to Hanyang started off on a bad mark. The magistrate (I think), is out to cripple the Chuns, as they are the biggest organisation of traveling merchants in Kaesong. We…

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One response to “God of Trade – Innkeeper 2015 – First Impression

  1. Bong Sam has not grown up yet on Ep2 either. Can’t wait!

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