Sep 2015 Filming of Guerilla Date – Fan videos and pics

Hi! Jang Hyuk was seen filming an interview for the show Guerilla Date.  These interviews always take place on the street giving the opportunity to the audience to get close to the stars. Here is a collection of videos and pictures those LUCKY bast… generous people shared on their instagram and twitter.

Credit: caizuanwang on Instagram

And the winner for cutest picture ever is….Credit: awake_in on Instagram

The credit is on the image and it was shared on JH DC Gallery.

It looks like Hyukie liked this photo shop he shared it as well on his instagram. Follow him @ajincome.

JH DC Gallery.

JH DC Gallery.

JH DC Gallery

Credit: minji_4 on Instagram

Credit: awake_in on instagram

Credit: skky_y on Instagram


5 responses to “Sep 2015 Filming of Guerilla Date – Fan videos and pics

  1. He looks great!! So relieved he’s wearing something simple and pared down and in BLACK which he looks terrific in. Can’t wait to watch this when it airs!

  2. JH really looks good with his hair back! (And in so many other ways.) Reminds me a bit of his look at the press conference in FTLY when he and Jang Nara got their lips stuck together. But what makes his attractiveness so engaging is the person we feel coming through.

  3. He is THE PERFECTION gawwwd he looks so charming, handsome, gentle, cute…all the good adjectives in the world

  4. He is just amazing, stunning brilliant unusually handsome, what I can say is He is a Legend~~~ An amazing actor and person I’ve ever met, I am grateful to know Hyukie~~Thanks for sharing!!!!

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