‘Gaekju 2015’ Jang Hyuk, 4 hours of hard work in the mountain…first shooting revealed

Original article from http://sports.donga.com/3/all/20150824/73211100/1
Translated by Gumi


Actor Jang Hyuk poured out all his energy running and running in the mountain for 4 hours.

In upcoming KBS drama ‘God of Commerce- Gaekju 2015’ (Scriptwriter Jeong Sung Hee, Lee Han Ho/ Director Kim Jong Sun/Production SM C&C) that will have its premiere on 23rd, Jang Hyuk acts as Chun Bong Sam, who starts as a peddler and eventually recovers closed ‘Chun’s Gaekju’ and becomes the greatest merchant in Chosun with upright business moral. Jang Hyuk who has shown impressive acting in ‘Chuno (Slave Hunters)’, ‘Tree with Deep Roots’, ‘Shine or Go Crazy’ is once again expected to show brilliant acting in his new character.

Jang Hyuk’s first shooting shows him perfectly transformed as an ‘irresistable character’ Chun Bong Sam. His serious eyes and expressions that deliver tension shows 200% sync with Chun Bong Sam in the story. Trusted actor Jang Hyuk will be portraying merchant Chun Bong Sam who earns money not out of greed but through justice.

Jang Hyuk’s charismatic first shooting took place on 16th at Kyungsangbukdo Andong Buyongdae. After a long time of makeup, Jang Hyuk came out with a tied up hair and dark navy hanbok, overwhelming the site with his presence. Jang Hyuk who is famous for his character analysis had a deep discussion with Director Kim Jong Sun before the shooting began, showing his passion.

That day’s shooting was a scene where Chun Bong Sam is running up the hill in desperate search for something. Jang Hyuk ran and ran under the scorching sun for 4 hours without complaints, creating the best scene. As soon as the camera’s light went off, he carefully monitored himself, and throughout the shooting he did not let go of the script, being his enthusiastic self.

On top of it, during short break time, Jang Hyuk chatted with other actors, leading the cozy atmosphere in the team. But as soon as shooting started, he again transformed into Chun Bong Sam, drawing applause from staff members with his ability to focus and immerse into a character.

The production company said “Jang Hyuk will be showing different aspects from what he has been showing, through ‘God of Commerce- Gaekju 2015’. I am sure he will perfectly deliver Chun Bong Sam, using his acting skills developed from various movies and dramas.”

‘God of Commerce- Gaekju 2015’ is a story of Chun Bong Sam the successor of destroyed ‘Chun’s Gaekju’ starting from a peddler and eventually becoming a successful merchant. Its original novel being Kim Joo Young’s historical fiction ‘Gaekju’ which was published on Seoul Newspaper from 1979 over 1465 episodes, the drama will be portraying peddlers’ lives in late Chosun era.

3 responses to “‘Gaekju 2015’ Jang Hyuk, 4 hours of hard work in the mountain…first shooting revealed

  1. So glad something with JH is about to come out! And am also glad that I won’t be able to watch it all live since I still feel burned from the decline of writing quality beginning midway through Shine or Go Crazy and SOGC’s rip-off ending. I felt a bit burned, so hope to know what I’m getting into before committing the time (watching and on Soompi) and emotional investment. Not Lee Duk Hwa again!!! Hope the writer uses him well and we don’t have to live through a repeat of “Wangso! Wangso! Wangso! with JH’s new characters name instead. Go Hyukie!

  2. It’s good to know Hyukie is working hard, he is remarkable working in high standard to achieve the performance, I believe he can showcase Chun Bong Sam perfectly to the audiences, he is just amazing! I hope every success of his new drama. His passions never die!!

  3. Seeing these pictures has got me pumped! Glad the drama isn’t a romance. Really been wanting to watch a drama with a different sort of genre. God I really do hope it has over 30 episodes (as rumored).

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