The Friends in Croatia – Teasers

Hi! The Friends in Croatia starts tomorrow (August 19th) This is a travel reality show with Jang Hyuk, Shin Seung Hwan and Choi Ki Sub

From the teasers, It looks like it’ll be FUN! Jang Hyuk seems to be turning what could’ve been a relaxing vacation into what might be a “torture” full of activities to his friends! Of course! Does he even know what the word “rest” means? :p

From the little we can gather the roles seem to be like this 

Jang Hyuk – Hyperactive leader sr hyung

Shin Seung Hwan – Constantly hungry jr hyung

Cho Ki Sub – Goofball 

But we might be wrong! I guess we’ll find out as we watch the show 😊 

The Friends in Croatia will air every Wednesday on the KStar channel at 11pm.  

Visit the official site:

Thanks to Palma for these captures


Official site pics


3 responses to “The Friends in Croatia – Teasers

  1. I wish there are subs

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  3. Oh! Jang Hyuk visiting our neighbourhood!

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