SSBG Fan Video – Hot and Cold

Hi friends! I am learning how to use a new video editing software and what better inspiration than our Hyukie, right? I already had clips cut from Successful Story of a Bright Girl, because I had actually started this video on my old software (until it crashed and broke my heart!) so I decided to finish the FMV.

Its a happy coincidence, that July 2nd is the anniversary of Fated to love you premiere! so we can consider this my present to all Snail Couple fans. As you most likely know, Successful Story of a Bright Girl is the first drama our wonderful Jjangs filmed together. They were so young and adorable as ever! Their chemistry already great.

I used the song Hot and Cold from Katy Perry, because I think it aptly describes Han Kitae’s volatile personality. I hope you enjoy it!

12 responses to “SSBG Fan Video – Hot and Cold

  1. Still haven’t seen this drama but now seeing this video, i’m excited to watch this drama…thanks for sharing this video to us…

  2. Wow DF – Love it!

  3. Jang hyuk never fails to surprise me. He’s so versatile whether in modern or historical
    I love him! He’s pastionate. When I learn that he’s well liked by the crew members in all dramas or films he act, I respect him. Cos this is where his true personality shows.
    And he’s genuine with his treatment towards his wife and family.
    Thank u for being sincere and genuine both in your career and family life

  4. Thanks for the video and also the name of the software.

  5. Haha this is great! I actually just watched SSBG for the first time about a month ago. Good job on the video :D!

  6. Loved it‼️ Loved it‼️ Jang Hyuk and Jang Na Ra certainly have that perfect chemistry between them. Of all the actresses I have seen with Hyuk —I do like Jang Na Ra best of all—Maybe it’s because my first ever viewing of anything Korean was FTLY during my spring break. I was speechless—I had never seen anything like this. Especially Lee Gun’s suits and such beautiful long hair— and the ever changing hair styles. Most American actors. Have short hair. Jang Hyuk to me was so different from what I was used to. And now since I have seen him in so many different genres —I still am in awe of him—-So this video is welcomed as another of my favorites. Thank you.

    • Thank you so much for your comment Angela and welcome to this blog full of Hyukie love lol I agree with you that The JJangs are above average in terms of chemistry. They are perfect for each other,

  7. Would you mind sharing what software you used?

    • Hi Evelyn, Im using Final Cut Pro X. Its simply excellent! but Im obviously still learning so definitely not using the program to its full potential. I’m excited to learn more.

  8. Thanks stuck on hyuk, really enjoyed it!

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